Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Walked from

Ponferrada to  Villafranka 25.0km.
Left Ponfrrada at 6:30 am. and it took us 45minutes to find our way out of town and on to the Camino.
Had a wonderful walk today, no pain and a light breeze. Walked alone and at a good pace, this is the best day so far, beutiful countryside  vinyards streems and very old villages, stopped and talked to a few residents, as I get asked about Canada. Along the way a farmer stoped me and gave me a kilo of cherries. He has a on living in Toronto. There is birdsong all along the way. A few times I was wondering if I was on the right path,  and everytime I was not sure there was in the distance a red dot, when I cougth up to it it was a french lady doing the Camino in stages. We waked the rest of the way together. Met the German lady who had fallen, her face looks terrible but she can keep on walking. Tomorrow will be a very steep climb, and in the next albergue no internet, so if you do not hear from me, know that I am fine and on the right path. Thank you all for your mail and posts, I am so happy to get your mail as I feel that you all are on the Camino with me.
Love you all.
Grateful Pilgrin


  1. So happy you had a wonderful walk. You are just about there!!!

    Take care - BEVxo

  2. Ich denke oft an dich und mache mir jetzt weniger Sorgen, alles Liebe Elfi

    Greti glaubst Du du schaffst noch rechtzeitig den Trip zur Somme ( WO 1 ) mit Dieter 28/29/30 Juni ?

  3. The sign said 194 km.......... unbelievable do not you think ?
    My dear Omi what an adventure..!!!!! to be remember for ever.....
    What amaze me today was the red pots every time that you were worry or concern about right directions ......and it look for me , from here, that El Camino was talking to you and probably in different ways it does every day........let me tell you...Incredible experience no matter how hard it was and stil is

    Thanks one more time to give me the opportunity to walk El Camino with you