Saturday, August 29, 2015

From LarrasoaƱa to Pamplona, 20.5km.
Left at 7:0am. with jackets on but after 20 minutes it was time to take them off. Turned out to be 
27 degrees. We paused shortly before Pamplona to cool down and when we started walking again my left knee locked up. Found a Pharmacy two blocks away and I got a knee brace and Ibuprofin cream and took one painkiller and made it to Pamplona.
After a little rest we went to the post office and mailed 4.5 kilo to Holland. Two kilos from me and 2.5 kilo for Martha. I am sure the problem was caused by too much weight, so 4 pounds less should help. We treated ourself to a hotel and a magnesium foot bath. Pamplona was very busy as university starts in a few days.
Today August 28 we walked from Pamplona to Puente De la Reine, 27.2 km. and crossed the Alto de Perdon, temperature 38c. and me with a sore knee. Lucky there was a van from a Hostel, so we booked in and he took my pack there, walked the last 8 km. with just my water. Had a wonderful pilgrim dinner and off to bed.
Today the 29th. We started walking early to beat the heat again and arrived in Estella at 1pm. just in time for a shower and siesta. On the way we passed by fields of sunflowers in full bloom, everybody stopped to take a foto. Norbert and I are 
in an alberge and Karli and Martha decided to take a hotel, it is too hot for Martha. We now know quite a group with whom we keep meeting up. I recognize many places and things from my walk in 2013, also this time lots of pilgrims with sore feet and blisters.
One thing I learned last time, take your boots off at every possibility, if you see  a creek, put your feet in the water to let them cool down. In other words, take your time, at this time of year there are lots of beds available.
Big hug to all from
Norbert, Karli, Martha and Gret

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day two

Today we walked from Roncevalles to Larasnia, 27km.
Started out at 6:30 am to make as many km. as possible before lunch and the heat. 
I realize my pack is too heavy (8 kilo) so as soon as we are in Pamplona I will mail some stuff which at the beginning I thought I absolutely needed but realize now I can do without.
I still have a hard time being a minimalist. The countryside is wonderful and we are meeting lots of other Pilgrims from all over the world. Met people from Dawson Creek, and all the countries you can imagine. Again found an auberge were we have one room with two bunks and we can close the door, pure luxury. The food in Spain is fantastic, we especially like the Insalada Mixta.
Today my feet and knees are a little sore so tomorrow 16km. Will be enough.
Big Hug to all from
Norbert, Martha, Karli and Greti


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

St. Jean Pied de Port to Roncevalles

We arrived in St. Jean Pied de Port on Aug. 24, got our pilgrim Passport and in the Hostal a room with 16 beds, not too many snorers and we left today at 6:30 am.
First of all a big thank you to my friend Bev for chasing me up and down the stairs at Mahon Park and Lynn Headwaters. I know today would have been a lot harder without the training.
Again, thanks Bev. Also a big help are my Keenfit walking poles. We,(except Karli) did ship our packs ahead to Roncesvalles, even so, the hike was one of the hardest I ever did. On the way up we got rewarded with fantastic views, so that helped, but the way down it was one foot in front of the other, that was all we could muster. Total km. for today 25.1. We are staying in the Hostal were we have a cubicle with 2 bunk beds. Had a very nice Pilgrim meal, for 10 Euro's per person, we had a 3 course meal with wine and dessert. Martha, Karli and Norbert are out for a beer but I had enough for today and want to rest up for tomorrow.  
Big hug to all.
Norbert and Greti

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Verdun, France

We arrived in Brussels after a long wait in London.

Had two good days in Terneuzen, Holland where we are staying with my brother Walter and his wife Tini. Celebrated Tini's  71st. birthday on the 20.
Today we drove to Verdun in France with my brothers and sisters and some of their families, 
22 in all, to visit the battlefields of Verdun.
Tomorrow we will continue on our way to St. Jean Pie de Port where we will start the Camino.
I still have not figured out how to put a caption with the pictures, hopefully I will know once I start the Camino.
Hugs to all. Norbert and Greti

 City Hall where we got married 50 years ago
 At Tini's Bithday

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Just a little update of out time since our return from Brazil.
The first weeks were as always filled with paperwork and connecting with family and friends.
As before, it takes some adjusting to be back in a house with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and the urge to downsize is very strong. How little we needed while on the road.
It was nice to join the knitting group again. Our grandson Taylor  and Lauren got married. Keaton now has his own place so we are empty nesters again.
Today we are ready for takeoff, did some practice hikes and 20 km. walks to get in shape.
Now we are at the airport waiting for our flight, sorry for the duplicate photos,
Hugs Norbert and Greti
 Hiking the Lynn Headwaters and my new keenfit walking poles
 Fishing on Franceaw Lake