Tuesday, September 22, 2015

We made it.
Started walking at 6:30 this morning and arrived inSantiago at 11:0 am. with a light drizzle.
Waited to the pilgrim office and waited in line

for one hour to get our Compostela. and are now in a Pension right on the Cathedral Plaza. Booked the train to Pamplona for tomorrow morning and from there we will take the bus to St. Jean. Did some sightseeing and will attend mass at 7:30 this evening.
The town is very busy with limping pilgrim except the younger crowd, thy are ready for party time. 
Hugs to all our Family and Friends 
From Grateful Pilgrim Greti and Norbert

Monday, September 21, 2015

From Tricastella to Saria, the plan was to walk the short route to Sarria which would have been 18.5 km. but we took a wrong turn and endet up in  Samos where there is a Monastery from the
13th. century. It was a 8km. detour but well worth it. Lucked out in Sarria as we had a room with 4 beds  and we were the only occupants. Met a german couple who walked from Trier, Germany
So far thy walked 2,300 km. their pilgrim Pass is impressive to say the least.
Today the 19th. we walked to Gonza, 32.2 km. my ankle is giving me problems just like last time 

but only my left one, so I can keep walking. The path went through Forrest so was very pleasant. We are at the municipal albergue with

28 beds to a room, now sitting in the sunshine
Waiting for dinnertime. Did laundry as there is a washer and dryer and no line up. Amazing the things that can make you happy. Tomorrow on to Melide, if my ankle is bad I will take the bus.
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti
Well my ankle held up, we are now in Perdouzo 19.8 km. short of Santiago, my ankle is ok until I stop walking. The Camino is now quite busy, as the obligatory 100 kilometres to receive the Compostela starts in Saria and that is what many people do. Today was hot but the Camino was nice and shaded by eucalyptus trees. As of today I have taken 1,154,846 steps and walked
795.14 km. we still have 19.8 km. to go. Norbert with his long legs probably has a few less steps.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti

Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 17th.
Today we made it over O'Cebreiro and Alto de Polo 1335 meters. Started out in the dark and rain, very foolish, half way up there was a "Bar" were the fireplace was roaring, that gave us 
A chance to dry out and warm up. Around noon it stopped raining and the sun came out but it was still cool. I do not know what was harder, up or down the mountain. We are now in the province of Galicia and it looks like Switzerland, green and lush.
Got an auberge in Triacastela, only 4 beds to a room but a long way to the lady's bathroom.
No WiFi at the auberge so we are sitting at a restaurant, both of us with our tablets, then we

complain about the young kids with their phones.
For the last few day's it was fun to watch how people try to stay dry, some are very inventive. 
The main concern are the feet, then the backpack.  When we get to the auberge we line up for the dryer, then stuff our booths with newspaper then shower then dinner and yesterday we were lucky, someone had a guitar and got everyone singing, amazing the talent that comes out. Then off to sleep and repeat next day.
Tomorrow we go to Sarria.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti

Today September 14th.
We walked from Leon to San Miguel which was uneventful as it is 7 km. walking out of town and a long way beside a road.
The Spanish group has dwindled to 5 as the others left in Leon. Ilka and Doris I presume ahead of us so we are meeting new Pilgrims. 
In Rabanal Del Camino we stayed in a very old but very nice Auberge, the volunteers were from the UK. and very strict, you could not stay there if you shipped your pack ahead and lights out and door locked at 10pm. It was by donation and breakfast included.
We met Marina and Anna from Germany,who are on a short break from  university. We had a nice dinner together with them.
Left Rabanal at 6:45 and walked to the iron cross and were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise.
The path was a challenge, the pictures do not do it justice but we made it to Molinaseca were we took a hotel, real towels and a very nice view from our room.
Tomorrow on to Villafranca, 30.8 km.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti

 Made it to Villafranca but in a steady rain, so did not see much of the scenery as we had our heads down and just watched where we put our foot. Everyone was in big rain ponchos so it was hard to recognize anyone.  We did run in to Ilka and Doris. We took the first auberge in the village and got one of the last beds. Even with the rain poncho we were very wet. The auberge has a dryer and now I am 4th. In line to use it. Every turn is one hour so hopefully I will be in bed by 9pm. No sense to walk around the village as it is cold and raining heavy. We will dig in to our provisions for dinner and hope for better weather tomorrow. 
WiFi has been very bad the last few days so I can not upload my pictures.
Hope everyone is well.
Big Hug
Norbert and Greti
September 16th.
Walked from Villafranca to Herriera, 22 km.
As we started out today the wind was blowing hard and no rain. 30 minutes later the rain started and it rained all day in a steady downpour. Quite a sight to see the different
mode pilgrims use to stay dry. Some have proper rainwear others plastic ponchos some just a sheet of plastic and others just get wet. I have a proper rain poncho but when we got to Herriera my upper cloths were soaking wet, I don't know if my poncho leaks or if it is perspiration. We stopped walking at 1pm. got beds in an auberge and again are trying to dry our cloths. Herriera is a very small village so no WiFi.