Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 11

Still in Santo Domingo de Calzada.
Got up this morning and all the  swelling was gone so got ready for my walk at6:30 but after walking to the edge of the village realized that if the pain worsens it will be difficult to get  a ride as we mostly walk through fields and very few villages. So I turned back. I will take the bus to Belorado which is my next destination. There are two other pilgrims here one from Holland and the other from Bolivia, so we will take the bus together. They are also troubled with sore feet. The hostel I am in was once an old mill now converted in to a hostel, very nice.
Will keep you updated.
Hugs to all from the sore footed Pilgrim.


  1. Wise decision! Take care.

    BEV xo

  2. I'm following your progress on a map I found in the book "I'm Off Then". To bad about your foot but you've made a wise decission to rest it. You've done a lot in just 10 days.

    bon Camino

  3. Hi Greti,
    gib deinem Fuß eine Pause. Habe gerade gelesen, dass selbst HaPe Kerkeling einige Etappen mit dem Bus gemacht hat und der war einige Winter jünger.
    Eine gute, vernünftige Entscheidung. We stay tuned...our last day in Vancouver today and the sun is shining. We are going to HorseshoeBay to watch the ships and people, than home and BBQ with lecker Steaks. Packing the luggage usw.Thanks for all..hoffe wir können es irgendwann zurückgeben. MiniMitbringsel (you know Gepäck ) ist in deinem Badezimmerschrank.
    Rita & Guenter

  4. Good and right decision Greti........If I were you probably I was taking the bus more than one time so far, , still my hero
    I am already reading the 2do part and I am so happy to know that you are finding amazing peoples (with their own experience and their own task ) in your way
    Hasta manana
    Buen camino amiga