Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 11 part 2

This is day 11 and things changed. After mulling it over this morning I decided to forward my backpack and still do the walk, as the two girls also staying here did the same. So I walked from Santo Domingo to Belorado 23.0 km. my feet held up ok and what a difference 20 pounds less makes. It was windy and cold but no rain. We are now in the provine of Castilla Y Leon and I noticed a difference, not as affluent as La Rioja. A lot of the villages are falling down and only occupied by old people. Met Barbara from Michigan who is doing the camino after having 2 hip replacements one  year ago, she walks very slow, what I did in 11 days she did in 19 but she will get to Santiago as well.
What an inspiration .  Today people in Spain celebrate Corpus Christy and all the front doors of the houses are decorated with flowers and crosses like little altars and when the procession goes by the road is strewn with flower petals.  Here in Belorado they have some kind of celebration lots of people dressed in medieval garb and lots of music.
Hugs to all
Grateful Pilgim


  1. I forgot to tell you, nice , beautiful pictures ..........who are giving me more and more details of "el camino"
    So far you are higher top of the movie with all the details
    We should have an afternoon movie with all the pictures and you as the relator .........Keep it in your mind , it is already in my
    Buen camino

  2. Hola' Mi Amiga....I share Mabel's thoughts! Wonderful pictures and narrative of your journey....a fabulous gift from you to us, so that we can be with you in spirit. Take good care of those feet!I am sure they greatly appreciate your decision to send the backpack ahead.:) Hugs, K

  3. Heerlijk om te lezen hoe je de Camino beleeft en ervaart hoe mensen daar leven. Een speciale ervaring.
    Love, Walter en Tiny

  4. Liebe Greti, ganz vernünftig um den Rucksack nicht mehr zu schleppen, vielleicht ist es für den Fuss auch viel besser u. heilt er schneller ? Ich lese mit Bewunderung deineBerichte u. geniesse von den Foto's.
    XXX Elfi

  5. Great idea Greti
    Hugs from your BFE

  6. What a trooper! Have loved reading your blog and following your progress on those sore feet. Hopefully they continue to improve.
    I am off kayaking for 10 days and by the time I return you will have travelled many more step at a time.
    Loves, Isy