Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24

Walked from Palac del Rei to Arzua
Again had a good walk I planned to go til Ribadiso which is 26 km. but got there at noon and felt it was to soon to stop so walked another 3km. to Arzua. Got a nice hostel right on the Camino so will leave early tomorrow morning. Thank you all for your mail, read it all over a late lunch.
Today I walked with Ann from Atlanta, I have seen her off and on along the way. Ann is walking the Camino to get help for her grieve. She lost her son in an accident and tries to make some sense of it, Ann does not carry a pack she ships it from hotel to hotel but when she walks you can see her internal burden. She is living a mothers worst nightmare. I stopped in at the next church to thank God to have spared me this kind of loss and to give Ann strength.
The Camino is now very busy but it is nice to hear young people joking and laughing. I always hear comments when thy see the canadian flag on my pack, right away thy start talking to me in english and every day someone says thy have family in Canada. At the hostal I was asked to take my boots off by a young hostalero and when I said how can you ask a grandmother to take her shoes off he said "grandmothers sit at home and knit and do not walk for 33 days" but he did carry my pack to the room. The first photo we walk out of the village, the second is the path the third is the cafe con leche.
Big Hug to all
Grateful Pilgrim


  1. Well now we know that you are not a grandmother knitting at home....... instead you are there walking El Camino meeting peoples like Ann...... who were waiting for you and your wisdom .......your strength......your gratitude
    The thirst picture "cafe con leche " and new belt ??
    48 kms to go.........Wow Greti .....!!!!
    I am going to miss your every day adventures , the pictures, the peoples .........I am going to miss EL CAMINO that we are walking together for the last 33 days
    Hasta manana

  2. Sometimes it's hard to find the words to write. How hard to lose a son and how strong Ann must be to do this walk. I hope that she finds comfort during her journey. And how strong you are! it's amazing to follow your trek and marvel at how you are going day after day. And finally, how wonderful your pictures are. Really enjoying seeing them.

    And let that young man know.... Walking Grandmas can knit too!

    All the best,

  3. He, he, dein Motor läuft wohl so rund, dass du schon über das Etappenziel hinaus läufst.Amazing for a grandmother. Ich glaube du musst doch ein Buch machen, mit all den schönen und tragischen Geschichten die du unterwegs zu hören bekommst.
    Für die letzten "paar" Kilometer...BUEN CAMINO