Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 23

Walked from Sahagun to El Burgo Ranero 16 km. then took the bus to Mansillo de los Mulas.
I took

the bus as the Camino between el Burgo and las Mulas  is 26km. And there is no rest stop at any opportunity for help if needed. So to be safe I skipped this part.
Had a very noisy nite and could not take pictures of the running of the bulls as I was out of batterys.
Met up with Monika from Creston and Tao the monk und had a very nice dinner together.
Forwarded my pack, and had a good breakfast before starting the walk.
Sahagun has a lot of history, the bridge dates back ti the 9th. Century. Legend has it that the trees along the river are from when the crusaders put their lunches in the soil thy became trees.
Walking over the bridge  you really feel put back in time as you walk over the same stones as pilgrims in the 9th. Century. I find it very inspiring to see so many young people walking the Camino, and talking to them gives me a lot of hope for the  future.  Met a girl from California who also had trouble wit her feet, she had trained a lot for the Camino and found it humbling to now need assistance from fellow pilgrims,. All her life  she got whatever she needed with money, and getting so much help from strangers made her re-evaluate her life's direction. Having lunch in our auberge a young man from Italy rolled in on his wheelchair and was assisted by two friends, we all cheered and clapped as he came by. Today as I waled in someone called my name and it was Nancy from Holland of whom I had written earlier, her feet are very swollen and I do not know how she can keep on walking. I am off for siesta.
Big Hug to all
Grateful Pilgrim.


  1. It's always amazes me how people can do such extraordinary things when the rest of us would give up. I'm so proud of you for embarking on this trip in the first place (and a little envious) and even more proud that you have continued even though your feet are giving you such trouble. You Rock, Greti. I'm taking my map to Knit Night later today to show every one just how far you have traveled.
    Keep on truckin...

  2. Dear little younger sister, you give me the feeling that our our place in the familierange has changed ! but I am very very proud of you and however your comments are excellent, I'm looking forward to hear it again and for sure in even more details when you have returned safe and healthy to us to Holland before you will leave us to get HOME to your beloved ones and your friends. No doubt everybody is waiting for you and curious about your experiences.
    LOVE, xxxx
    your older sister Elfi

    1. Mooi gezegd Elfi,

  3. "La mitad del camino" I love the picture but also love the feeling that you are giving us today.....Thank you Greti !!
    Waking over the bridge and have the chance to go back to the time of the crusaders , stepping on the same stones .....was something that you descrive so real that my imagination let me picture a moment of the 9th Century with you on it...Wow !!!
    Nothing to say about the last picture today, just a wish to be there trying them with a nice glass of red wine..... cheers !!
    Buen Camino Greti
    Hasta manana amiga