Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 30

Santiago to Terneuzen by bus plane and car.
Took the bus from Santiago to O Porto in Portugal then the plane to Brussels where Howard came to pick me up. What a happy sight it was to see his face in the crowd, family does mean a lot. Got to Terneuzen at 11:0pm. had a chat with Tiny and off to bed. Martha came the next morning and we spent the day in Terneuzen and then drove to Oost Souburg. Today we had a lazy morning and in the afternoon went to a birthday party at Jeroen and Nicole's. my left foot is giving me some trouble, I think it is missing the boots. It is strange to walk around without the pack, almost like something is missing. Thank you all for the many congratulations, and see you all soon.
Big Hug


  1. YEA!!! In the arms of family! What could be better after an adventure of a life time? Rest well and best wishes to all, My Friend....hugs. K

  2. Greti!

    Remember us?
    It's Stef& Eva
    The Dutch couple you walked with:)
    was quite shocked to see you write Oost-Souburg, since we now have an apartment in Middelburg which is just 5-10 minutes away!

    Are you up for drinks and some Camino-talk anytime soon if you're still around?

    If you read this please email us at !

  3. Wow Greti what a wonderful way to finish EL Camino........going where (as K said) , the arms of family were waiting for you with a huge hug give you in that embrace all the love that can receive someone who has achieved the most incredible goal in life.

  4. Are we connected again ?
    Thanks God you both are going by car this time...........
    Last one was exhausting.............more when I want to be ready, very early every morning with a short message just to let Greti knows that "we" (she and me ) were walking together no matter how far we were at that time
    Let go guys ........I am ready to follow you
    Big hug from here