Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 23

Walked from Mansillas de las Mulas to just outside Leon. 18.0 km.
Last nite in las Mulas had a nice dinner with a lady from Australia and a mother and son from Brazil.
There were 18 bed in our room and quite a few snorers so had a restless nite. But the view of the sunset from my window made up for it. Left las Mulas at 8:0 am. And had a good walk, the feet hurt in the beginning  but after about 5 km. I get in to my stride and am fine. It took me 5 hours to do the 18 km. so very slow. Around noon the temperature was 27 degrees and when the our destination village came in to view it was a great relieve. We stopped along the way to cool our feet in the irrigation canal and spent 20 minutes in an underpass tunnel to cool off. Just before the village was a shaded rest area with drinking fountain. We could not go til Leon as all the albergues there were full. Now that school is out in Spain it gets busy on the Camino. I will not stop in Leon as it is very busy and one day is not enough to see the sights so tomorrow I will bus through the city to Option and walk from there to Villar de Mazarife where I forward my pack to a hostel.  The village I am in is Arcahueja, about 100 inhabitants but the hostel is nice and I can do my laundry.
Thank you all for the comments, as always it is appreciated.



  1. You are meeting so many people along your journey, I am sure it is very interesting. Love the red flowers amongst all the green, just beautiful. That sunset looks pretty also.

    Take Marlie

  2. Happy Friday! The flowers are beautiful, of course one of Marlie's favourite colours. You are doing great with your walking, once again it's not a race. Last night at knit group Ruth brought a book with the map of the Camino and showed us where you were.

    Take good care Buddy and Happy Walking!!!!!!!!!!


  3. "Surrendering to the natural flow of energy and spiritual wisdom will create incredible healing on all levels of life." It appears you are on that path.

    One of your Everyday Angels...XOXO

  4. Love seeing your photos and brilliant poppies. Again brings back great memories!! Glad are feeling better and your body is dictating your pace. This is good. Enjoy the journey with all these amazing people you are meeting. Incredible adventure. Lots of love to you . . .

  5. Wow I have to think and create my anonymous name ( Everyday Angel, Saturna heritage..?)
    I like that
    I was in ...that kind of days ........Did you realize it?.........I did not walk , sorry
    But now I am ready for tomorrow , ok
    Beautiful pictures........more when we know that they are one of the way that allow us to walk right beside you
    Buen Camino amiga
    Just in case, remember that tomorrow or probably (for you) today ( Sunday ) is "father's day"
    Hasta manana