Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 22

Walked from Sarria to Portomarin.
It took me 7 hours to walk 27km. The terrain was steep up and very steep down, very rocky and deep mud in places. But I had a fantastic walk. The scenery, the bird song and the flowers plus sunshine made for a wonderful day. Today I met the things I feared most, dogs and horses and cattle. Well the dogs paid no attention to me, the horse walked right past me and the cows just brushed my pack.
The Camino is now busy  and noisy, lots of young people and Spanish people talk very loud. Also more garbage on the path. I booked in to a hotel as the albergue has 140 beds and with all these kids it will be noisy. Getting to Portomarin you have to cross a bridge and at the other end you have to climb 70 steps to get in to town, it took all I had to do it. In the town square I met Karin again, I thing we said goodby for the last week and kepp meeting again. From here it is 88 km. to Santiago and it is supposed to be sunny so I have to stock up on water, I use 2.5 liters a day. Well I am off to pamper the feet and a little nap. Thank you all for your mail that makes for a nice end of the day.
Big Hug to all.
Grateful Pilgrim.


  1. Die richtungsweisenden Strahlen der Jakobsmuscheln sind in greifbarer Nähe....go Greti go, in your pace it is nearly done........RiGü

  2. Het moet een geweldig gevoel zijn om zo dicht bij het doel te komen. Een hele ervaring. Zou het je niet nadoen. Tiny

  3. Greti, it's great to read all your daily adventures, self evaluation and talks you had with all the people you met during your long walk, especially the monk. It made me thinking of all the effort people are putting in their "important" careers nowedays. Enjoy the last part of your trip and tell me when your plain will arrive in Brussels so I can pick you up.

    All the best Howard en Erika

  4. Thanks God you were not eating an apple when the horses walked by......
    I could not believe to climb 70 steps to get into town......what an effort....
    You and your shadow are looking very good, tall and proud .......saying to us, almost there
    Two or three more days ? What do you think ?
    Hasta manana

  5. Liebe Greti, es tut mir immer mehr leid dass ich doch nicht mitgemacht habe, alles Gute für das letzte Stück und komme gut zurück. Weil ich nicht weiss ob du meine comments erhältst schreibe ich nur kurz.
    XXX deine Schwester Elfi

  6. Your journey is just about over. INCREDIBLE!!!!!

    Happy walking!