Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 13 and 14.

Dar 13 left Burgos at 6:30 am. with clear sky's but cold, the walk through town is on pavement and hard on my feet on top of that there is nothing interesting to see. We planned to walk for 5km. to Villabilla and have breakfast there but missed the village " too much concentrating on each step" so walked for 10km. Before we got our coffee and croissant. The Bar was full of pilgrims who also had missed the village. We walked 21.0km. To Hornillos, the auberge is small only 39 beds and there were at least 100 pilgrims, so they put mattresses on the floor of a hall but it all looked very grungy and lucky for my spanish I did get a room in a private house, had to share with a german lady. Met a couple from Quebec and as chance would have it I got a room for them as well. Again dinner early afternoon which was very good I am so used to a big plate of salad at lunchtime. For the rest of the afternoon we all sat in the plaza because the village only has 12 houses and there is nothing else to do, even the church was closed. So to bed early.
Greetings from the Grateful Pilgrim

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