Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 20

Still in Villafranka.
Well here I am at 3 in the morning and wide awake. Fell asleep at 7:0pm. And woke up now so as there is nothing to do I will write my thoughts down.
As the walk comes closer to the end  I am saying goodby to some terrific walking companions, some were further back and some now. There is Karin  from Sweden who as it turns out is now ahead of me as she has problems with her knee and took the bus and there is a good chance I will see her again. Monika from Creston has to return home, she had only 2 weeks and will continue her Camio some other time. Kirsten from Denver I am sad to say goodby to also, I met her in Leon, she is the lady the young girl with the ashes was trying to keep up with. Kirsten and I started out every morning at 6:30 and as soon as we were out of the village or town she was off and we would meet up at our next destination and have a late lunch and sightsee together and find a store to buy supplys for the next day. Kirsten has a rest day here and so we say goodby. What a wonderful companion she is.
Then there is Estrella from Italy, she came down with a bad cold and will take the bus for the next stage, but I will probaly see her again as well. Before leaving today I will go to the post office and mail some stuff to Santiago to general delivery to lighten my pack, there are some very steep mountains (1,400 meters) coming up and every ounce counts. I have 2 kilos that are not essential.
Thank you for your posts I read them and think of them while walking.
Grateful pilgrim


  1. Wow, you girl , surprise me again, now with the clock
    Yes, you are totally right , you are almost at the end of such an amazing adventure and I was picture your self saying good bye to the others.......another part of El Camino
    1400 mts is a lot Omi, three times our walk up at Lo de Marcos, great idea to send things a the day I was thinking .......when even a flower is to much to hold (remember?)
    Early , exiting , what else amiga ?
    Hasta mas tarde (I can not say hasta manana because you are not sleeping all the hours that I need it to say it )
    I love you

  2. I'm just off to bed. Sorry you cannot sleep. You have met a lot of interesting people, you will be able to write a book upon returning home.

    Slow and steady doing the steep part of your walk. Take care - BEVxo