Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 10

Today I walked from Najera to Santo Domingo de Calzada 23.0 km.

Started out early at 6:30, walked 5km. And had breakfast in Azofra. Again no rain and very little wind but the path was very muddy from the last rain. This is wine country so all day we walked through wine-yards .  Walked through a new village with a golf course, and there we could see that the economy in Spain is suffering. There were about 10 big apartment buildings  with beautiful landscaping, pool and tennis courts all empty. A few of the houses were occupied but the village was dead.
I did not go in to any churches as I get feeling very sad to see all those riches, and then see the farmers toiling by hand in the fields and so many falling down houses. The spanish people are very friendly always wishing us beun camino and going out of their way to put us on the right path.
Today my ankle slowed me down quite a bit and is still swollen. I took a private room today and am resting my feet. Met a Dutch lady whom we had seen 5 days ago with very blistered feet but she kept on walking but without backpack, now her blisters are healed but both feet swollen, but she keeps on going, so I better not complain about my feet. I have decided to do all my complaining between 8:0 and 8:30 pm. when I am resting in bed. Only 565 km. to go.
Greetings from the Grateful Pilgrim.


  1. Loving your pictures Greti, glad you took some time to rest your foot. I look forward each day to reading your blog.
    Love, Marlie

  2. Hi Greti,

    Have to agree with Marlie look forward to your blog daily. The pictures are great. You ROCK Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take care and I hope soon you can continue your journey "pain free."

    Bev xo

  3. Meine liebe Schwester Greti,
    sowie es sich gehört mache ich mir als ältere Schwester ein bisschen Sorgen um Dich, erstens wegen Deinen Enkel, zweitens weil du jetzt alleine bist, soll ich doch nachkommen ( ha ha Spass ! ) Ich denk oft an dich, bin stolz auf dich u. zugleich eifersüchtig. Wie zufällig dass du Leute getroffen hast aus Kärnten, der Herr schaut sogar Walter ähnlich ?? Bin schon neugierig um mit Karli zu reden wenn er daheim ist. Liebe Greti, bitte sei vernünftig u. mach nicht weiter wenn du zu viel Schmerzen hast, kannst ja nächstes Jahr weiter machen ???
    xxx Deine Elfi

  4. Hello Greti
    I am sorry for the last few days' silence..........I just come back home from Galeano where I had poor internet connection related with the rain and wind (that never stop ).......but I kept my self reading (when I was able to do it) your day by day walking and today I feel so happy to see you out of the red cape , big smile , wonderful breakfast and a nice bed to rest your foot /feet
    About the people who are showing up along your way..........I thought.....reading your experiences and how every thing is coming at the right time .......... mean, to me, that it is the most clear signal that you are doing "El camino" exactly on the right moment and that is another amazing message that count
    Hasta manana , amiga
    Buen camino

  5. More great pictures Greti, thank you.