Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 16

Walked from Castrojeriz to Itero de la Vega 12.5 km.
Left Castrojeriz at 7:15 am. With protesting feet but I had decided to only walk the 12.5km. And it felt good to have the backpack on. Started out with a steep climb and very steep descend. The views were wonderful and lots of flowers. Walked part way on a roman wall, and the old aquaduct along side the fields. Checked in at auberge and as it happened there was a doctor in the village, imagine, she comes only once a week. for 2 hours.  Had her look at my feet and she prescribed stronger anti inflammatory and told me not to walk for 48hours. As the village has no farmacia she drove me to the next town that has one. Along the way we stooped and she showed me some of the interesting places which you miss walking the Camino. The canal with locks which was build by the Romans and the pillar of justice from the 10th century, how amazing. It is now pouring outside and I checked in to the municipal auberge, there are people whom I met on our first day in St. Jean. Karli and Martha will remember the unfriendly french people, well they are still unfriendly. Walked part of the way with an Austrian lady and met people from Vancouver. Today the Camino definitely

 provided. Thank you all for your kind messages.
Grateful and thankful Pilgrim.


  1. That is wonderful that the Dr drove you! You have an angel looking over your shoulder. Beautiful pictures Greti, I so hope the new anti-inflammatory medications work.

    Take good care
    Love Marlie

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself, Greti. Even God took a day off! You have accomplished so much already that a day or two of rest won't hurt.

    Buen Camino

  3. Horst und RoswithaJune 7, 2013 at 10:36 AM

    Hallo Greti, wir verfolgen schon einige Zeit Deine Pilgertour und bewundern Deine Ausdauer und die Kondition. Erst warst Du ja mit Deinem Bruder unterwegs, aber jetzt gehst Du allein. Bitte pass auf Dich auf und bleib uns gesund. Grüße aus Deutschland von Horst und Roswitha

  4. hoi Greti, wat ontzettend leuk om je belevenissen te lezen. Zo gaat ie goed, zo gaat ie beter, alweer een kilometer van je schoenen afgesleten!!Wij zitten gezellig met Erika, Howard, Walter en Tiny in Muenchen en bewonderen je volharding. veel succes en een mooie tijd. xXX Stella en Arnold

  5. Liebe Greti, Gott sei Dank hat ein Arzt jetzt deinen Fuss beurteilt u. musst du 2 Tage Ruhe nehmen, schade dass ich nicht bei dir bin ! Karli u. Martha waren gestern bis heute hier und du musst Schnackerlstossen gehabt haben weil wir oft über dich geredet haben, auch habe ich die Photos angeschaut von Karli. Jaap war gerade hier, er ist gestern heimgekommen aus Norwegen mit Astrid und hat mir 600 oft atembenehmende Photos gezeigt. Ich bin froh dass ich nicht im Vorherein wusste was für einen Trip die 2 gemacht haben !!! jeder lasst dich grüssen.
    Alles Liebe Elfi

  6. Greti, grossartige Photos and solch eine wunderbare Beschreibung.
    Take it easy.
    Be careful with your foot.

  7. There you are..........walking again ............strong women
    Take the time that you feel you need it........we are here and so far we will be every day following you
    The doctor knows about your feet.........and you too.......listen what they are saying and then decided
    We (you and me ) have to reach Santiago enjoying every thing that happen in the way there.........(like today)
    So, rest without wary , eat, sleep, cry , write , read, take pictures and walk..........
    Buen camino amiga
    Hasta manana