Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 18

Still inCarrion de los Condes.  0km.
Had a good nit

es rest and again watched as all the pilgrims left, this time I did not feel sad. I think slowly I am accepting my slower pace. The feet feel better today and I will walk to  Caldadillo de la Cueza. 17.0km. and will forward the pack to save my ankles as much as possible. It is interesting to see that the village is almost empty  before noon and after lunch it fills up with pilgrims and then the local people also come out. These villages are very poor and the Camino is their only industry. Things are so much easier that I speak spanish and quite often I get asked to translate. This afternoon I went to a pilgrim  service, very nice. Then went out for dinner just a big salad. Met Monica from Germany who just retired and also is doing the Camino alone and just like me is never alone. There are a lot of biking pilgrims all decked out in their gear and as soon as thy arrive they clean their bikes. They do an average of 100 km. a day.
It is now 8 pm. and 20 degrees outside, so all the cafe's are full.
This is the convent where I stayed.
Hugs to all
Grateful Pilgrim


  1. My dear Greti........what a big message today
    The service, the town by it self, the short walk today (compare with the ones before ), your ankles , your feet feeling better......all and every one is telling you something about El Camino not you think ?
    Keep resting and going slow...........
    I am very proud of you
    Tanks again for keeping my self right there.......where you are
    Buen Camino amiga
    Hasta manana

  2. So glad to hear that your ankles are feeling better. Take care of those puppies and the feet they guide. You still need them for many more adventures ahead.
    Love seeing your photos as it brings back such memories for us. I remember biking through these beautiful little towns early in the morning and noticing how quiet and very clean they were. Only saw the odd elderly person sweeping the street. Such gentle people. Looking for my journal and will pull out the book my friend made to follow along with you.
    Buen Camino.
    Love, Heather

  3. Bin ich froh dass es wieder besser geht, hatte schon Kontakt mit Karli ob wir dich nicht holen sollen ???
    Liebe Grüsse, deine Schwester Elfi

  4. My Beautiful Friend,
    I walked the hills of Maupin today, worked in my colorful garden and thought of you, as I do each day. Reading and reread your messages are amazing. I agree with our Mabel.....hugs to you...Buen Camino...Love, K

  5. Y EL DIA 19...........??
    I am here , heat on, raining as a winter day, looking the computer and waiting for the daily report ......hurry up, the day is almost over ....
    Buen Camino Greti
    I love you ......and today , I am really missing you a lot