Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 17

By taxi from Fromista to Carrion de los Condes. 26.8 km.
Last nite in Fromista had a very nice dinner with pilgrims from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Holland, Germany, Italy, England and Canada Vancouver. Everyone told their reason for walking the Camino and  their profession when working. What an interesting group we were and the food was very good.
Had a good sleep and this morning took a taxi to Carrion de las Condes with a Danish lady and on the way there there was a pilgrim hitchhiking as he could not walk any further he has huge blisters so we gave him a ride. I am staying in a convent and the rooms are separate for men and woman and special rooms for married couples, believe it or not they check. We are 12 to a room the whole auberge is very clean, no surprise as it is run by nuns. We are expected to go to the service at 6 pm.  Outside my window I can look

 at a stork nest on top of the bell tower, what a racket she makes.
Thank you for the messages, it is so nice to open my mail and read the comments, makes me feel connected to you all.
Big Hug
Grateful Pilgrim.


  1. I have to tank you for the daily report...........allowing me to walk by you , discovering, finding interpretations and collecting .... together, all the messages that El Camino has for the pilgrims
    What an interesting group you did share dinner with, last night ...........(As I asume before and told you 2 or 3 days ago ......Did you realize how every thing, there ,is happening in a way that has to be happen ...? Amazing , don't you think?)
    The peoples , the auberges, the foods, the doctor, the taxi, the silence' moments finding your self, the messages that we are sending to you, the ones that you are writing thinking on us............Wow
    Reading about the nuns make me believe that they are still 100 years behind, never the less it is one more interesting thing that happen up there, like the nest on top of the bell tower....... Look like it is not a hurricane zone over there .... fortunately !
    Buen camino mujer
    Hata manana

  2. Success! I finally am able to figure out how to post!
    I so wish I could be there to rub your feet and take care of you. But it sounds like you are doing a fine job at making good decisions for yourself and situations are evolving that make your experience so very special.
    You are now doing the section that Peter and I biked so we are particularly excited to see the photos. Brings back such amazing memories. Love those storks who are like sentinels along the route!
    It is all about the journey, for sure, and you are having an awesome one! Smell every rose you can!
    Lots of love from Heather and Peter

  3. I hope your feet are on the mend. Your blog is most enjoyable and lovely pictures.

    Take care and Happy Walking!!!

    BEV xo

  4. Looking forward to your blog everyday. You are doing an amazing job! We are confident you will reach your destination one way or the other. Take care!

  5. Your pictures are wonderful and I am so enjoying reading about your days. I wish your foot problems weren't such trouble for you, and here's hope that it will ease with the care and attention you are giving them.

    With best wishes and positive thoughts,