Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 15/16

Walked from Leon to Villar de Mazarife 22 km.
I did not stop in Leon as it was very busey, so I started my walk  at the edge of town. Traffic is cracy and as I am not so nimble on my feet it is a bit scary to cross a street. Again walked through beautiful countryside. Along the way I met a very young girl from San Francisco with a very heavy pack, very white skin, shorts and selleveless. Totally red in the face from trying to walk fast. This is her first day walking and she had never hiked before so was not prepared for the Camino at all. She was trying to keep up with a lady she met on the plane who is a seasoned walker. I told her to slow down and find a pace that feels good to her and meet up with the lady in Mazarife. So she walked the rest of the way with me . She is 20 years old and has her mothers ashes with her which she wants to put at Cruce de Fierro which is at 1,515 meters altitude, so quite a climb.
At my slower pace I can observe  the different types of pilgrims.
There are the men who get up at 5am. and race to the next destination. There are the young people who party a lot and in the morning have to get kicked out of the albergue. There are the couples who are very organised and help each other put on their packs. The bikers are a breed of their own. And then there is the rest of us. Out of the albergue at 7am. walking at a medium " mine now slow" pace and stopping often to take pictures or just rest in the shade. By mid afternoon we all end up at the same place and the slow ones get greeted by the fast ones. This is my observation of the Camino population.
June 16. Mazarife to Astorga. 18 km. walking and 13 km. by bus.
Left Mazarife at 6:30 to get an early start de Obrigo we had another stop and admired the Roman bridge which dates back to the 13th. Century. Got to Astorga at 2.0pm. And what a neat city it is, would need more time to explore, am going to bed soon as tomorrow will be a long day. Astorga is the chocolate capital of Spain, what temptation.

 start as it is very hot and I needed to arrive before lunch and give the ankle a break. Stopped along the way for my coffee and sandwich which is very welcome after 10 km. and also gives me a rest. At Hospital
Hooray only 254 km. to go.
Hugs to all from the
Grateful Pilgrim.

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  1. Where are you, Greti? I am trying to find you!!! It was so nice to meet you anyway:) huge hug, take care of yours feet! Ieva