Thursday, April 17, 2014

Home sweet Home

We spent the last week in Buenos Aires and found covered parking for the Blue Wonder close to Norbert's brother which made cleaning and packing very convenient as I could do laundry and thourough cleaning of the camper. The cleaning is important so as not to attract mould.
Went shopping on Avenida Scalabibi Ortiz which is famous for its yarn shops. It really is utopia for a knitter as not only the grand variety of yarns but also prices are less than half compared to Canada.
We took the bus, train and metro there and that in itself is an experience, Buenos Aires is very cosmopolitan and elegant. Our flight was at 10pm and we were lucky to have a row of 4 seats to ourself so I slept 7 of the 11 hour flight and our luggage was put though to Vancouver so the stopover in Dallas was easy. Arrived in Vancouver at 12.45pm. As scheduled . Our son Eric was to pick us up but was not there, when we phoned him he was still home in Gibsons which is a one hour ferry ride to Vancouer. He had mistaken the time for 12.45 am. No problem, we did 27,000 km. so far and the
last few we could manage as well. We took the sky train
Yes men work at this yarn shop as well

Very big selection 

Can it get any better?
Outdated trains

Our sendoff party of 9, I could not figure out how we all could fit in to the Pickup, no problem, just put some lawn chairs in the box and hold on. 
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sky train station Vancouver Airport

Balancing act 1

Balancing act 2
Norbert felt right at home in Belgrano (beer)

The Blue Woner looking a little worse for the wear.

I was checking if he would turn in to a prince, dont know what I would do if he did.

Market in San Blas Mexico
Train Station in Constitution Buenos Aires
 to waterfront then the sea bus to North Vancouver were our grandson Keaton met us an took us home. Now we will have to adjust to Vancouver life and digest the last 5 months and tank up new energy for November to continue the adventure.
Thank you to all our family and friends and all our new friends we made on this journey for your encouragement and support and please stay in touch.
One lesson I learned on this journey is that people everywhere are wonderful and the world is amazing.
Big hug to you all.
Norbert and Greti


Friday, April 11, 2014

Buenos Aires

Just had an email from Cap and Patti, and he mentioned that it was not clear from our blog that we will continue the jouney in November. We had a few more people question us about this.
We will fly to Vancouver April 15th and we have a return ticket for November 10th 2014.
We did not finish our trip as fall cougth up with us and it is too late to travel southern Argentina and Ushuaia.  Also we are looking at traveling to Chile and Brazil.
It is amazing how much there is to discover.
For now we are beiing s

poilt by Norbert's brother and his wife Elena and her sister Chola. Thy are cooking all our favorite meals like Matambre, Empanadas, and today we had a huge Asado with lots of chimijury. Life is good.
Hugs to All
Norbert and Greti

Monday, April 7, 2014


Are we in Argentina?

I tried to chase the dog away but he would not budge

Our first Asado in Argeentina

Ruta 40 got another victim
Beautiful landscape, bad road

Passed the electrical inspection?

april 3rd.
Traveled from Salta to Cachi, found a nice camping with a very big pool which we used as it was quite hot. At the entrance of town is a nice restaurant that had Asado de Cabra (baby goat) very good.
We are meeting more people who started in Argentina or Brazil and are now going the opposite direction and asking lots of questions about border crossing and shipping. Here in Argentina we do not stick out so much but we still get approached and asked questions. Prices are the same or more than in Canada, gasoline is at. $1.50 per liter.
Visited the town of Cafayate where we spent one extra day there are nice restaurants and Ice cream Parlours and the Artisan shops are fantastic.
Then on to Jesus Maria which is very close to Cordoba then over the mountain again on a dirt road to La Cumbre where we are now parked at a river in an upscale neighbourhood  just at the edge of town, the police has passed twice and waved so we presume thy will keep an eye on us. Tomorrow we will go to La Falda and see if we can meet up with Sarah and Daniel from Kelowna who are on a motorcycle tour for the past year. It would be nice to see them.
We booked our flight to Vancouver for the 15th, of April and will be home on the 16th.
Thanks to all who were concerned that we would be affected by the earthquake, we are safe and sound 
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti