Friday, June 21, 2013

June 21

Arrived in Sarria at noon today.
I stopped counting the kilometers that I do a day, it does not seem important any more.
The climb up to o'Cabriero was long and tough and I was very lucky that it was sunny. Did not stay long and walked on to Fonfria and stayed in the albergue. There is just a farm with milk cows and the smell left no doubt of where we were. They had 60 beds and were full. Started to rain heavy in the afternoon. Had a wonderful pilgrim dinner, it was one long table for 30 people. And what a surprise who should sit next to me, remember the frenchman in sandals in the mud at the beginning. I think it was in the first week. I did not recognize him as he has lost 16 pounds, but he asked me where my brother and sister in law was then I had a good look and recognized him. What a difference 4 weeks make. He still has some trouble with his feet but keeps on going. The walk today was hard, mostly downhill on what seemed riverbed but is the Camino. Saw a nice albergue before Sarria  but kept on going. After getting in to town I was sorry that I had not stopped.Sarria is teeming with pilgrims it is the starting point of the requisite 100 km. to get your Compostela and a lot of people who do not have time to do the whole way start here. On top of that they have some kind of fiesta, so loud music everywhere with rides for the kids and food and drink stands everywhere. So I took a taxi back to the albergue  at the edge of town, have now a nice private room as there are few pilgrims here. Nice and Quiet. Will have a good rest as the next stretch to Santiago will be very busy.
From here it is 110.0km to go. The mural is on a wall in Sarria this is just part of it.
Hugs to all
Grateful Pilgrim.


  1. WOW Greti, you are almost there. I absolutely love the pictures you are sending. I enlarge them on my screen - they are stunning. There is so much history there.
    Gad to read your feet are better.

  2. 110 Km .....? We are almost there baby..........Wow Greti ..........!!!
    How I am going to forget the sandals man mentioned him three o four time...... yes, at the beginning , and every time that you did it I was picture my self walking like him (wearing sandals) what I did not picture was my self with 16 pounds less........could you ?.....
    Further more, today , going most of the time down hill....really kill me...... so glad that you came with the idea to take a taxi a go back to a nice quiet room
    Note: Did I tell you how proud are you making me every day...........thank you for allow me to walk with you !!!

  3. Last night I was writing to you late and after a long day..........
    I am realizing today that you will find a few mistakes
    like a " take a taxi and going back " ........., but the most important thing was and it is that every single word is coming from the botton of my heart and when I am setting them , on the scream , in English , they are traveling from my brain , in Spanish