Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 17

Waked from Astorge to Foncbadon  27.2 km.
This is the first day in a long tine that I walked almost pain free. Stated out at 6:30 am. and it wad cold and windy and a little rain, I am now off the meseta and the terrain is getting interesting again. In Astorga I met up with a lot of pilgrims who started in St. Jean with us, we greet each other like long lost friends and many a story is told. Lots of blisters, sorefeet and pulled backs. Nice to know that I am not the only one with  problems. Arrived in Foncebadon just after lunch and as there was rain predicted for the next day I walked 2.5 km. up to the Cruce de Fierro. The Iron Cross and put my rocks there. It was an amazing feeling to stand there, very emotional. The hostal was not very good but it is just a few houses on top of the mountain. Had dinner and went to sleep at 7:0 pm.
Thank you all for your mail

Big hug
Grateful Pilgrim


  1. So happy to hear your feet are feeling better. I have been so concerned you were going to damage your feet. I count this as day 27!!! and still going.
    The trails do look well worn and steep. So happy you have many friends that you meet along your way.
    Take care,

  2. Powerful picture laying rocks at the base of the cross, beautiful.
    Hugs, K

  3. Oh my god Grateful Omi......YOU DID IT !!!!
    The rocks (how many ??) at there ...."Cruz de Fierro".......
    From the bottom of my heart I am picturing you with the rock in your hand and all your feelings ......... and that make feel so proud of you that I need to tell you how bless I am to have you doing what you are doing
    I love you

  4. Hi Greti!

    I hope your walk continues pain free! You are just about there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!