Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 8

Walked from  Viana to Navarrete  21.5 km.
Started out this morning with a poor and tasteless breakfast but good humor and company.
It was raining again and ver cold plus windy so my new rain cape worked very well as it it a windbreaker as well. Stopped in  Logrono and had a very nice breakfast with cafe con leche, croissant  
and orange juice,  that warmed us up and gave us energy to push on.
Oh ja,  I forgot to tell you that Karli and Martha are with me today, they could not leave as there is a general strike in Spain, lucky me, but we will book a bus for tomorrow morning as the strike is only one day. It was a long walk through the city with industry before and after, and the Camino goes right through the center. There were less pilgrims on the road as most had walked 29.0 km. yesterday and walked  to Logronio  so now are one day ahead. We walked up a steep hill and at the top there was a man selling coffee, turns out he is unemployed and tries to make some money this way, the coffee was by donation. When he saw that I was from Canada he told me he had filled out his application to get a work permit as a welder in Alberta. We wished him luck. Before entering Navarrete there is a chain link fence and every pilgrim puts a cross with sticks on the fence, there was at least one kilometer of fence full of crosses, we refrained from the practice.
Got to the auberge at two pm. Had a hot shower and went out for garlic soup, now a nap and to rest my left ankle as it is quite sore and hot thank goodness for ibuprofen cream that helps if not I will take a rest day tomorrow 190 km. behind us
Again greetings from the 3 pilgrims.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 7

Walked from Los Arcos to Viana. 19.5 km.

Woke up early but had to stay in bed as we were requested not to start packing before 6:0 am.
Breakfast at the hostel was so. So. But we went to sleep last nite with guitar music and a very soft female voice singing, where does that happen if not on the Camino.
Left the hostel at 7 am. And had the most beautiful walk so far. The wildflowers are incredible as you can see on the pictures. There were some steep sections but is was dry and windy.
Arrived in Viana at 12:30 and the auberge is new with very nice washrooms, 4 beds to a room and a big terrace from our room.
Today is my last day with Karli and Martha as they will take the bus from Logrono back to St. Jean.
I will miss them but am confident to continue solo.
Today I went and bought a proper rain cape that fits over my backpack. My left ankle is a little swollen "overuse" but the blisters are gone.
Thank you all for the good wishes and posts, that is the first thing we look for when we get internet
Hugs to all
The 3 (last time) pilgrims.

Day 6

From Estella to Los Arcos.
Last nite we had a wonderful dinner but here in Spain dinner starts at 9.0pm. So to bed late.
Martha got up with a cold and headache and Karli's knee did not improve so we decided to send Martha and their  backpacks ahead to the next stop with a taxi we had reserved a room in the albergue
Austria, normally you can not reserve but we got it done.

Karli walked with me and I went in full gear. It did not rain since I donned my bright green rainpants which go well with my red jacket. And sure enough someone commented that I looked like a christmas tree. Well I am not making a fashion statement.
Today I walked 21.1 km. non stop and I feel fine. Met the gentelman in sandals again and talked to him, he spoke to us in german but with an accent turns out he is from Paris. Again he was walking very slow but arrived only one hour after us. The hostel is full and run by a family from Argentina.
Los Arcos is a wonderful village and again the church is incredible, it should be in a big city where more people would see it.
We are sleeping 4 to a room, a german lady had her bunk in a room of 15 american men and was very upset that there was no other bed available, so we offerd her a bed in our room, she is now a happy pilgrim. Quite a few people took the bus from Estella to here,

Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 5

Today we walked from Puente la Reina to Estella 22.4 km.
We started walking at 7:0 am. and the only people on the road were pilgrims, we were surprised to see storks in their nests. Puente la Reina is a very old village and the church is impressive. Walking though these villages you get the feeling that you went back in time, to think that centuries back pilgrims walked the same path as we did today that puts you in a pensive mood,
We started out cloudy but after 30 minutes it started to rain very heavy and lasted till we reached Estella. We were soaked to the skin as rain gear was no match for this deluge. We checked in to a hotel so that we could dry our clothing and gear as all is muddy as well. What a luxury to take a hot shower and put on dry clothing.To think that Pilgrims of old times had no such perks. It is amazing to see the pilgrims, some of them you would never guess that they could do it, today we saw an older man limping in sandals though the mud and our feeling was that he would never make it to Estella, but lo and behold he arrived twenty minutes after us.  To top it off he was still very cheerful and friendly.   Tomorrow it is Karli's andLucas's birthday, Happy Birthday to you both.
Greetings from the Pilgrims

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 4

Here two more photos of day 4
After we reached the top of Alto de Perdon we had a nice picnick of baquette and cheese which we had bought at a bakery in Pamplona at 7:0 am. The wild oregano smelled wonderful and we could not get over the profusion of wild flowers.

Day 4

We left Pamplona at 7:0 am. with frost on the ground but sunny. The walk through the city was better than expected. Our route took us throug some very nice country with lots of wheat fields and wildeflowers. Went up to Alto del Perdon " hight of parden". til Puente de Raina. Total walking 26 km. we have a nice room for 3 in a very good hostel. Tomorrow we will walk to Estelle  21 km. and the forecast say's rain. We will see.
I have now 2 blisters so am nursing my feet, it is sunday and a lot of bustours with people walking for one day which makes the camino very crowded.
Hugs to you all and thank you for the comments, first thing we do when we get connected. Is look for comments.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 3

We left Zubiri at 7:30 am. Again in pouring rain and wind, had to cross two hills where the wind almost blew us off. Made it in to Pamplona at 2:0 pm. And sunshine but cold and windy. Walked 26 km. today. Went out for tapas and now some rest. Tomorrow we hope  to  make it to Puente. de la Raina, again about 26 km.  Our calf's  are sore but thankfully no blisters, some people have twisted ankles from sliding in the mud, good equipment is essential on the Camino. People are confused as to where we are from sometime they hear us speak Dutch then German then some english and to top it off Spanish,

without fail they will ask where we are from.
Big hug fron the Grateful Pilgrim and hope for a little sunshine tomorrow.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Day two

Departed Roncevalle at 7:45 am. And it was snowing and very windy, as we got to a lower altitude it was pouring rain. The path was a small river and again we were cold and wet, but the walk was not as  
Difficult as jesterday. We walked to Zibiri , 24 km. the last 6 km. were downhill and I took a good slide on my rear end but no damage only dirt. Arriving in Zibiri the sun was shining and we took the first B&B we came across and now are doing laundry, then a nap and later for dinner. Met some very interesting people, and as happens on the camino you keep running in to them.

Day one

Well my dear friends today I attoned for all my sins, what a day.
We arrived in St. Jean  Peid de Port on may 22nd. at noon and. Got a hostel before the big rush.
The innkeeper is 80 years old and the amenities were primitive, I was so happy with my sleeping bag as it was very cold and raining heavy.
Left St. Jean at 6:30 am. And walked 28 km. to Roncevalle in the pouring rain. We could not go over the mountains as there was snow and thunderstorms expected so we took the long way. We did not expect such an ardeous climb. Arrived in Roncevalle at 2;30 and booked in to a hotel, we were frozen and needed to warm up in a hurry and dry our clothes. Had a very good late lunsh and got our passport stamped and now it is time for a nap. Wifi is very slow here so I hope  I can send this. I think Martha and Karli are sleeping.
Big hug to all from the 3 pilgrims

Monday, May 20, 2013


Hi everyone.
Thank you all for your support and posts. Had a wonderful reunion on Saturday too bad that not everyone could attend, but we had the only sunny day, how lucky. We will leave for Spain tomorrow which is one day sooner than planned today we took a test walk in the rain as it looks that Spain will be rainy as well as quite cool.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Hallelujah I have my luggage.
As my luggage had not arrived after 3 days I decided to go back to Brussels  airport and see if they would let me in to where all the luggage was stored  and pick mine out. After a lot of begging they let me in escorted by security personnel.
What a shock, there were about  50,000 pieces of luggage in three big halls. The smell was horrible like a lot of rotten food. I found my suitcase in 5 minutes but my backpack was nowhere to be found, lucky I had my iPad with me and could show them what the backpack looks like, but no luck of finding it. After half an hour I was told to go home and wait and that it could take weeks to get it all sorted out. Well the tears started to flow, and the gentlemen felt very uncomfortable  with that bawling Granny in front of them and off they went to look again and in 20  minutes came back with my pack. I could see the relieve in their faces to be rid of me, but not to compare with my relieve to have my trusted pack. My suitcase must have been sitting in the rain as all the contents was soaking wet, but it is now washed and ironed and repacked, so all is well.
Today I travel to Terneuzen where we have a mini family reunion.
I am very thankful that all is on track.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Arrived in Brussels on time, had a very good flight, big surprise in Brussels, the luggage handlers here are on strike and no one got his luggage, and no delivery date, I was informed that it could take a week, they are on strike since Monday and I am not happy with Air Canada that they did not inform us of the problem and took our luggage knowing very well that we would have a big problem here. So I am without clothing but my biggest worry is my backpack, so fingers crossed that I get it on time.
Greetings from hopeful Greti

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Starting the journey

Well here I go and with all the good wishes from my wonderful Family and Friends I know it will be good.
Eric still came this morning to give me notes for the Camino and Norbert drove me to the Airpot.flight is on time and good WiFi.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Walking Partners

This is Karli and Martha preparing for the Camino, thy did 20 km. practice walk and found it tough but doable.. They will walk til Burgos wit me, Karli will celebrate his 61st. Birthday on the Camino