Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25

Walked ron Arzua to Lavacolla.
First of all thank you for all the comments, even this morning  before my walk I read your letters.
Had another wonderful walk, left the albergue with a frenchman and a lady from Spain but after a few kilometers walked blissfully alone. Had cafe con leche and met Brigitte from switzerland and walked the rest of the way with her, we now share aroom in a hotel, what bliss to have a bathroom where I can lock the door. Walked today further than intended as the hostels were full.
Hard to believe that I o

nly have 10km. to Santiago, will start walking at 6:30am. Then I will be just in time to get my Compostela and attend pilgrim mass at noon. There are 7 of us who will walk in to Santiago together.
My feet are now fine and I feel like I could walk further, as some will go on to Finisterre, but Santiago is enough for me. Will book a flight to Brussels in the afternoon.
Hugs and Thank you to all.
Grateful Pilgrim.


  1. Wow, je bent er bijna ongelofelijk, geniet wel van Santiago.
    Zien je snel weer,
    Liefs, Karli en Martha

  2. Congrats Greti, I am so happy to see you are close to the finish. I have enjoyed following your journey, thank you for letting me in. I look forward to seeing you back in North Vancouver and hearing more about your trip.

    Love and hugs

  3. The 10 kms will be a walk in the park for you!!!!

    Bev xo

  4. Greti, I am so proud of you. What a trooper you are. The memories of your journey will be with you forever.
    Can't wait to get together when you get back home. Tea is waiting!


  5. Oh Greti!!! It gives me goose bumps reading this wonderful post,you are so close to your goal! As I am sleeping, you will be walking your final leg of this fantastic journey. My heart and my mind's eye can imagine you getting your passport stamped and on to Mass. There are many of us who have traveled with you in spirit; tomorrow the "Magnificent 7" will walk together and forever be bound together with your shared experience.
    Much love, K

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with us.
    The words in hyour blog held more serenity as the time went by and the road fell behind you.
    You have done a great thing here, not just in physical task but for your own being.
    May we all be so fortunate one day to learn to breathe and listen for what life has to tell us.
    With all my heart I am proud of you.

  7. Greti, Enjoy the moment!
    Big smile,

  8. Geweldig! Je bent er bijna.
    Geniet er maar van, wij zijn trots op je.
    Liefs Harold en Conny.

  9. Greti, we hebben niet getwijfeld dat je het zou halen. We zijn benieuwd naar je verhalen en of het is geweest wat je ervan verwacht hebt. Een life expierence.
    Walter en Tiny

  10. It is going to be around midnight here , in my room, when you will be ready to walk your last 10 kms.......
    My mind, my soul and all of me are going to be there right beside you.......holding your hand or sharing (as we used to do ) one of your sticks ....so...at 6:30 am , Wednesday , June 26..... we will be 8 or probably more.........
    The last comments from here........and from the bottom of my heart.........the picture before the last one, touching the big rock that shows us ....... just 20 kms to arrive to Santiago .......your face, your posture , your smile are telling all of us your gratitude for such an amazing experience
    All my love with you

  11. Da kann ich mich den obigen Kommentaren nur anschliessen.
    Ich habe dir eine Email geschickt mit einem Lied, das ich zufällig gefunden habe. Es ist jetzt 9:50 am Mittwoch morgen und ich denke mal du bist fast am Ziel angelangt, aber vielleicht kannst du es doch noch anhören.

  12. Congratulations, Greti! You did it. You are an inspiration to all of us wanna bes. I hope, one day, to follow in your footsteps. Can't wait until you are back in our little Knitting Group and telling us all about it.
    You Go Girl!

  13. Horst und RoswithaJune 26, 2013 at 9:03 AM

    Hallo Greti, heute ist Deine letzte Etappe gewesen und wir gratulieren Dir.
    Es ist Dein Sieg. Du hast bis zum Schluß durchgehalten und alle Hürden genommen. Wir haben oft an Dich gedacht und wünschen Dir nun eine schöne Heimreise.
    Grüße aus Jöhstadt