Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 14

Walked from Hornillos to Castrojeritz, 20.0 km.
Well today is the first day that I walked alone "by choice" the day started out cool but sunny and I started walking at 6:30 this morning the birdsong was wonderful and the younger crowd of Pilgrims were not on foot yet, so it was nice and quiet. The morning sun cast a long shadow of me so I did have good company. I am now walking the Meseta which is a high but flat plateau.  Again there are lots of flowers but the path is very uneven and that is hard on my ankles. I am now walking much slower and that without my Pack as I do send it ahead every day, I could not continue if I had to carry it. So I carry a little bag with my essentials, and still need almost two hours for 5 km. but my feet hurt too much if I go faster, as soon as I get to the hostel, I take the boots off and give the feet tender loving care and encourage them for the next day.
Tomorrows stretch is 27.0km and I might do it in two sections depending how the feet do.
I am still enjoying   The Camino vey much and hope that the ankles improve so I can make it to Santiago. Thank you all for your comments, it feels like I have you all with me. Belated Happy Birthday Chantal, there was no internet in Hornillos so I am one day late.
Big hug to all
Grateful Pilgrim.


  1. Hola amiga
    Your shadow look as a wonderful company as if I was there with you.....(my mind is there all the time)
    I believe that your choice to walk alone today have an important reason and you will be able to see it (or feel it )
    I am very happy to know that you are still enjoying El Camino and I am 100% sure you are going to make it to Santiago
    One more thing, all the pictures , as I tell you before, are amazing but the last one , today, give me an undiscrive sensation (feeling) , I really like it a lot.
    Hasta manana
    Have a good rest
    Buen Camino Greti

  2. Beautiful photos Greti, I am sorry to hear your foot is not feeling better though. Nice you can send your backpack on ahead of you so you don't have to carry it. Take good care and look forward to the next post

    Love Marlie

    1. Hi Greti,

      Slowly,but surely, you are getting to Santiago. It shows your courage and determination.
      Your pictures are stunning. I enjoy your blog everyday and look forward to your pictures.

      Take care.

  3. Not belated, right on time. It is the 5th. Thank you for the wishes. I send good wishes 10folds back to you. You will make it, it is not a race. In your own time, by the beat of your own drum...
    Love you,

  4. I'm with all the other blog readers. You must walk by yourself some time. That is part of the pilgrimage. Walking, thinking, reflecting and greeting other pilgrims as you pass. Have a great day. Enjoy the walk. Many are with you.