Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 15

I am still in Castrojeritz.
This morning my feet and my boots had a stare down and my feet won. So I will rest for one day and hope the feet get better. Got up at 7 am. And. Had breakfast then went back to bed and had a good cry and felt sorry for myself and then remembered that I can only complain between 8 and 8:30 pm. So enough of that. It was sad to see all the pilgrims walk out of the village and I had to stay behind. It must have something to do with the herding instinct, I always seem to want to stay with a group and then the chatter annoys me so I either slow down or speed up, lately it is the first. I lightened my pack a little and am leaving some things behind, the girl cleaning the room is the same size as me so maybe she can use it. If not some other pilgrim. It is now 7pm. And my feet feel a lot better. Thank goodness for Ibuprofen gel and pills, that will keep me going. Reading all your comments got me another crying bout but that was a good one.
For the next few days there will be no WiFi so do not worry if you do not hear from me.
These little villages have no cable and a good thing I do not smoke any more as most of them do not sell tabacco and there are a few pilgrims very upset, it is funny to see people begging for a cigaret

, I do feel for them.
Big hug to all
Grateful Pilgrim.


  1. Chin up Greti. It will get better. What's the rush anyway? So you are leaving the pack, well you will join another one that may be more to your liking. Who knows!

    You will feel better tomorrow.


  2. I Agree with Lise. Things happen for a reason unknown to us until hindsight reveals it. Take it as it comes... tears and all!
    It is a blessing that you are able to be there and do this on your terms. Enjoy the downs as they make the ups even better!

  3. Volhouden zus!
    Ik ben trots op je hoor, je doet het toch maar.
    Ik zul voor je duimen dat je voeten jou naar je eind bestemming zullen brengen.

    Veel sterkte en liefs, Harold.

  4. Hoi Greti, je bent voortdurend in onze gedachten en niemand twijfelt er aan dat je je doel zult bereiken.
    Martha en ik zijn een dagje bij Elfi en bekijken op dit moment de foto's van onze tocht. We hebben er alleen maar goede herinneringen aan. Heb je mijn bericht deze week ontvangen? We zouden (een deel) van de tocht met de fam. moeten doen, om tot elkander te komen. Samen leiden is een verbindende factor. Vinden allemaal dat je mooie foto's maakt . Vergeet niet op tijd een stapje terug te doen.
    Veel liefs van Elfi,Martha en Karli

  5. Dear Greti..........
    You are "living " El Camino..........and it is all that count, the up and down are part of it......I was so happy knowing that you were crying twice today............tears are cleaning your soul........I am crying here with you
    Take it easy are just doing so well and so determinate that nothing is going to interrupt your way .......but remember, most of the time things are not just like we were planning...... they are how they have to be
    I love you ,
    I am very proud of you