Friday, January 10, 2014


Today was the day for shipping.
We all met at our hotel at 5am and left for Colon which is 60 km. north of here, it took us one hour to get there. What a seedy place, we were warned to be careful and once we got there we knew why.
The shipping agent met us at 8am. And the runaround started, custom, copy's,fees, receipts, back to customs , more waiting and finally driver and car could enter the shipping compound and the gate closed behind them and we had to wait outside. It took 7houres until the keys were handed over and the drivers walked back out. We took a taxi to town and from there the bus back to Panama city and then a taxi to our hotel. There I discovered that I did not have reservations for our flight to Cartagena so tomorrow first thing we have to see a travel agent and hopefully book a flight for sunday.
This was a full day so time for bed.
Good night to all
Big Hug
Norbert and Greti


  1. Wow what a day! I guess we will see you soon then!!!!! good luck Sara

  2. Amazing ..........stressful day and good pictures as usual (some of them scary thinking that you are leaving there the most important part of your trip, your home !)
    I am going to bed too but I want to wish you a good night and the best for tomorrow
    Your are doing an indescribable adventure so far and I am really enjoy it !!