Tuesday, January 14, 2014


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The flight from Panama to Cartagena was one hour and good.
Arrived in Cartagena at 9 am. And took a taxi to the old district but finding a room was not easy as the locals still have holidays.   When we did get a room it was very primitive and so small that there was hardly room for the backpack, and also very noisy. So next morning we found a better hotel with good WiFi and also when we get the Blue Wonder we can park here and sleep in the camper for a few dollars. Cartagena is a very nice city and Old Town is wonderful it is often described as Cartagena the Beautiful or Cartagena the Proud One. So very different from what we have seen so far
And every time I go there I discover new things.
Today the men started the process of retrieving the car's, here are the steps to be taken.
1. Take taxi to office Seaboard
2.  Find office after 3 try's
3.  Get bill of Lading
4.  Take taxi to customs
5.  Fill out forms go to different building to make copy's and return to custom's
6,  back to make copy's of passport and entry visa
7.  Take taxi  to Seaboard office
8.  Contact company to verify location of vehicle and let them know the inspector will arrive at 8.0am
9.   Car not at the boat.
These are the steps for today, so tomorrow we will continue and start at 7:30 to make sure we are present when the inspector arrives and find out the next set of steps to take,
This is in the harbour in Colon after we delivered the campers

Manhole lid missin in the middle of the intersection

Panama city

Cartagena Historic Section

Seeking shade

Crossing the bridge with hurdles

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Cartagena the Beautiful

Cartagena sunset


  1. Surprise me what beautiful is Panama City at night (probably because we were seeing pictures - your pictures- of other Central America's cities before , I believe)
    Nice and interesting group (different ages, different lifes, different goals ) are with you, for sure each of them has a good message at the end of the journey
    Back to the Amazing Rase it is getting more and more exciting by hours or I should say more exhausting by offices and papers , instead ?
    By the time that you both read my comment perhaps you've gotten back your "home" and it is all what I wish tonight before to go bed
    Con mucho amor desde aqui

  2. Look like the Cartagena sunset is something you do not believe it if you do not take a picture to prove it
    Nice one amiga as you always do !!!

  3. You really do need to put India on your itinerary for future adventures .. ask Clement and family about their trips to India .. Fun to follow along with you all here for a day or two .. I have to howl at what you write .. it all sounds oh-so-familiar .. Smiles ..

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Check out La Paletteria (Centro Historico, 03-86 Calle De Ayos, Cartagena, Colombia). Medallin has a nice free botanical garden and the Botero museum is nice. The one in Bogota is even nicer. Plus if you want a nice place in Chinchina stay at thehttp://www.haciendaguayabal.com/ you will not be treated better anywhere. Very near to there just south is the Santa Anna hot springs its about 30 min up a good gravel road. don’t miss the las Lajas church just off the highway near the border of Equador.http://www.southamerica.cl/Colombia/Las_Lajas_Cathedral.htm spend more time in the coffee region then the north. Sara