Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Today we celebrated with a very nice dinner the fact that we did get all the papers for the shipping and the shipping itself done in one day.
To top it off we did it without an agent. All the stories we read and heard are true, so we were just extremely lucky.
The custom agents do only work from 10 to 11 am. And the police opens at 2 pm and are across a 4lane highway from the custom office.
We had met Clement and his wife and son, from france and also Pascal and Florent from Quebec and Manfred and Monika from Germany. So the 4 of us were at the custom lot by 8:30 in the morning to make sure we get our papers processed. We opened the hoods as soon as we got there so that the engine will be cool when the car gets inspected, otherwise the custom will refuse to look at the car and you have to come back the next day. We had made sure that all the names and numbers on our entry papers were correct but Manfred did not know this can be a problem and his sin. # was missing one letter. So he got rejected. We had to take a taxi to another custom office and have the papers changed. It took one hour but we got it done and arrived back in time to get his papers done. Then we waited until 2pm and got the police exit stamp. After that we rushed to the shipping agent to book the shipping. Got to their office at 3:30 and our campers are booked to leave jan. 12th. Sunday. We share a flat container with Manfred and Clement and Pascal also share a container. We will book a flight after the ship leaves, so probably on monday the 13th.
It was very hot waiting in the parking lot and to top it off  Clements wife locked the keys in the car.
Quickly we gathered all the tools we had plus some sticks and wires and within half an hour we had the car open to the cheers of a bunch of Panamanian kids who were watching us across the fence.
Panama city is very interesting but a huge contrast between rich and poor, very visible.
So now we have Thursday to see the sights and friday we drive the van to Colom Harbour which is 1.5 hrs. Drive from Panama City. Then will thake the train or bus back, and then we still have saturday and sunday to look around.
The pictures will show how hot we were.
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti.


  1. Hi Greti and Norbert, We are really enjoying your blog. It is a lot of fun to follow along and not have to do any of the work. I must admit it is a little boring back home in Canada, I guess someone has to be here. Love from Marg and Brian

  2. That it is what we call ADVENTURE !!!!
    Wow.....very well done my friends ............I just pictured all of you going from one point to the other to get all the papers that you described ............I can say "amazing" how you did it !!...just like 'THE AMAZING RACE " , don't you think ?

  3. I love it, you are SO RIGHT Mable!!!! IT IS AN AMAZING RACE!!!!!!
    Greti, wonderful to see your smiling face and know that you have found some like spirited traveling partners to share in the troubles and joys of this adventure. Norbert is such a fabulous problem solver, this is right up his alley! Hugs and love from Kathy & Howard in Lo de

  4. We love all your stories and commiserate over the frustration of borders.You have reached a mile stone by running out of road in North America!
    We are off to Arecelia's with the gang for Rib dinner tonight.We'll raise a toast to you. Happy exploring and safe travel.
    Big sandy beach hugs, Isy

  5. It is still Sunday , January 12, here , we just had enjoyed a wonderful dinner with the german's couple and collected with them a lot of memories where you were present.........nice moments
    We all are planning and talking here about next season and again you are including
    That can show you there how much we are missing you here but, at the same time, I have to let you know that we also are having a lot of fun following your 'AMAZING RACE'
    Desde mi corazon