Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jan 4

Spent a good nite at the border, nice and cool. The border opened at 8:00 am.
Very interesting border. As usual we got sent from the Costa Rica side to make our exit visa for us personal and then the export for the car. Then over to the Panama side first to get our personal entry visa but before we could get these we were sent to get the import for the car, but before we could get that we had to get Panama Insurance for the car. Had to wait at the insurance office for 30 minutes, paperwork another 20 min. Then back to the import office there we discovered the insurance agent typed the serial number incorrect, so back to the insurance office and another 30 min. Then back to import office with very slow computer and after 25 min. We get our import papers to discover the serial number is again incorrect and the officer was reluctant to retype the papers but we insisted so another 15 min. Then to the office to get our personal visa and by now there is a lineup. Finally get the personal visa then on to fumigation and from there to the aduana  and border police and we are now in Panama.
I hope that pictures do speak a thousand words.

Hugs to all from
A frustrated Norbert and Greti


  1. You have the patience of SAINTS! M. would have thrown in the towel and hightailed it for home again after that run-around! Hope that shipping to Colombia goes better for you. Wishing you both well....

    L & M

  2. Try the nation of India in the sub-continent of Asia IF you want some REALLY long waits for routine things be accomplished .. HOURS not minutes .. I met Clement and Patricia and Merlin while 'hitch hiking' in the extreme north of India (Ladakh) in the summer of 2008 .. they picked me up on their motorcycles .. I wandered here to your web site from Clement's web site which mentioned you .. ASTOUNDING MY FRIENDS .. over and out .. Smiles .. Cap

  3. WE are in LDM since wednesday 15 th. And we just read your adventure from Panama to Medellin. Thank you to share that trip with us. You are our idols!
    Celine and Bruno