Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jan 5

January 4th. 2014
Traveled from Rio Serena first to Sirra Punta, for a while we thought we were in Switzerland.  Very green pastures high up on the mountains. Cattle nice and fat, and the best vegetables are grown in this region there is even a village called Neuvo Suiza. I bought a basket full of vegetables for $2.00. Then we found European bakery and paid $5.00 for a loaf of german bread, what a treat. On the way to Playa las Lajas we met Manfred and Monica from Muenchen in their home built Toyota Pickup Camper also on their way to Equador and plan to ship the rig the same time as we, so we camped together but lost them today in traffic. The Pan American highway is in very bad shape here so full of very big potholes that the max speed is between 40 and 60 kmph. On a 4 lane highway. Needless to say the language in the Blue Wonder was not for tender ears. Tomorrow on to visit the Canal and Monday we will start the paperwork for shipping the Blue Wonder and booking a flight to Columbia,  
Hugs to all
Norbert and Grei


  1. Het is zo leuk om je verslag te lezen. Costa RicA is inderdaad civilised. Wij
    waren ook bij het Panamacanal, kanaal Terneuzen- Gent is eigenlijk ook wel mooi.
    Walter heeft een vlucht geboekt voor hem en Daniel 26 augustus to 9 september naar Vancouver.

  2. Hallo,
    waren gestern mit Recks bei Ritas Geburtstag zusammen und haben über euch gesprochen. Wollte euch auch noch ein GUTES GESUNDES NEUES JAHR wünschen. Viele positive Abenteuer wünschen wir euch und dass euer "blaues Wunder" durchhalten möge.We stay tuned and are travelling with you............Love RITA

  3. Maravilloso lugar !!!!!!!
    Nice to know that you both are doing very well and also are finding what you just need to keep going
    A big hug from here

  4. What a relief, Panama looks beautiful. Let's hope the rest of the country is the same. You have such patience. Love the pictures.

  5. Greti and Norbert we wish you an adventurous 2014 :) and the beginning of the year is already promissing. Have fun we are looking forward to your blog posts and while reading this post I pictured Norbert saying all those 1 dollar costing words lol. Hugs Rob, Lianne and Nick ps when Nick was younger he had to pay 1 dollar everything he said a .... word and we as his parents had to do the same when using bad language.