Friday, January 24, 2014

January 23

From Medellin we drove to Guatepe and from there to Arceabuco.
Very poor road with lots of rough patches. 100 km. and it took us 6 hours.
The last part with heavy rain and lightening. Amazing waterfalls but also flooding in the valley. It was quite cool so we had a good sleep.
Manfred woke us at 6am. As a car had backed in to his camper, very little damage to his camper but the car was worse off. 
Visited the town of Tunja. Lots of historical buildings in very good condition and we toured some 500 year old churches. The countryside is stunning, of all the countries so far I like Columbia the best, it is also that the people are very friendly. 
We are now in Villa de Leyva were we have WiFi, HOT showers and clean toilets plus we are parked in a nice garden, it is a hotel with camping facilities. There are people here from Alberta, and believe it or not North Vancouver. Small world.
Again we will have a cool nite as we are at 7000 feet.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti
Church in Arceabuco

Blue Wonder parked for the nite

shoeshine in Tunja

Private Church from 1650 in Tunja

you can always spot the Blue Wonder

For once I felt tall

church in Tunja
This is one of the better roads

Lots of farms but no vegetables in the store

Our campsite in Valle De Leyva with all amenities

Add captionSunrise in Arceabuco


  1. You do not just felt tall.............amiga you look tall , good picture !!
    For something I feel that some places remind me you both are still in Mexico , do not you think so ? (probably all around you are going are keeping the spanish style or perhaps the third world image ?)
    So glad that you are enjoying the sleep because the weather and further more that you are finding places to get a good connection with us
    BIG HUG from her
    Awesome picture of the very old church

  2. Ist euer nächstes Land dann Venezuela wenn ihr euch östlich bewegt ??
    Dachte es geht runter nach Süden.....Rita