Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Jan. 20

Left Santa Fe and drove to Medellin as we did not want to skip this city.
Our GPS wanted to send us in all directions except where we wanted to go. We asked a young man at the bus stop for directions to the centre, and he offered to ride with us to show us the way. He asked what we wanted to see and after we told him he offered to  be our guide as he still was on holiday and would love to show us his town. Well we had the best tour. Went to the Mirador, the top of the mountain in the city. On the way down he told us to lock our doors and close the windows as we were going through a rough part of town. Parked in the centre and took the Metro to the Gondola and had a 45 minutes ride over the city. The metro was spotless, not a pice of garbage anywhere. The price for Metro and Gondola was one dollar per person. We are constantly surprised how friendly people are, and how curious and full of questions about our travels, and always will say welcome to columbia. The Botero museum is also very nice. We had a very good dinner at a traditional columbian restaurant then did some grocery shopping and after that our new friend and guide Arnaldo rode with us to the edge of town where we said goodby to him. How fortunate we are.
We are now camped in El Pinon and tomorrow will travel towards Bogota. We are in the mountains so a nice cool night.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti
Santa Fe 

Pointa Occidental

Blue Wonder would not fit.

Me above Medellin
Norbert with our guide Arnaldo

Metro and Gondola ride $1.00

picture taken from gondola Medelliun
wonderful fruit

restaurant Hacienda

Carne Asado very good
Parque Boteo

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fish market


  1. Here I am connected again ....!
    Sorry for abandoning you but it wasn't my fault, the cyber' space took a few days off up here
    I hope you keep finding more Arnaldos in your way to guide and take care of you both, so far it is a girl named Alejandra waiting for you when you rich Buenos Aires....
    I am so glad to know , for the pictures, that you will never go hungry .....
    Say hello to "the 9" and take care of your self

  2. I sure am enjoying following along with the two of you .. smiled when you noted .. The Blue Wonder would NOT fit .. as to a certain bridge. There always seems to be meetings-with-local people that you have to make an instant judgement .. do we go with Arnaldo or not .. so happy it worked out for each of you.. Keep up the good work! Smiles ..