Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jan 18 to 20

We left Cartagena at 8:30 am. After we had breakfast at the hotel. Had a little of a turnaround due to construction and morning rush hour. It was already very hot in the morning and did not get cooler during the day.
Lots of military, and the custom here is to give them the thumbs up. So lots of thumbs up. At noon we had lunch on the side of the road  at what we figured was a deserted place, but before coffee was ready we had 5 visitors. Everyone is very curious about our camper and want to know about Canada and how far we have traveled and so forth. It is fun to see people look in amazement when thy see the Canadian flag, even children look and point and wave. Motorbikes will scoot ahead of us and give us the thumbs up. So far we have not encountered any negative  reaction.
Found a nice restaurant and asked  if we could park in their yard, there was a pond and very little breeze and the temperature did not go down much so a hot night. Today we only did 200 km. first we had an oil change done on the Blue Wonder and the road was very windy   and over the mountains with dense fog and lots of truck traffic, add to that road repair and crazy drivers, so it was white knuckles and prayers for Greti.
We are now parked at a Finka (milk farm) at 9000 feet, it is nice and cool and a light rain so will make for a good night.  Got woken up by first roosters and then the cows and then the farm hand looking in our window again with lots of questions. Had coffee and toast and back down the very rocky path to the highway. Again heavy traffic and road repair. Could not find the exit to highway 65 and asked a taxi to guide us in the right direction. Made it to Santa Fe De Antiqua, 500 year old colonial town, very nice. The scenery today was breathtaking, well worth the extra kilometres. When we parked at the town square we were surrounded by people wanting to see the Blue Wonder inside and again lots of questions about our travels and Canada. So much for the theory to get an inconspicuous camper, we seem to stick out like a red flag. Even in the store I got asked if I was the lady of the Canadian camper that crossed the bridge. Tomorrow we will visit Medellin.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti.

here are the forms , but this is not all.

planning the route

no need for the bus

Oil change and Norbert's new friend
Blue Wonder gets a bath

and Norbert as well

Fog over the mountains
milk delivery

Our first wake up call

our second wakeup call
Leaving Cartagena

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