Wednesday, January 29, 2014


We spent. A rest day in Valle de Leyva, did some shopping (grocery) and found a fantastic French cafe where we had the best coffee and pastry, and to top it off french banquets. Had a shower and did a very productive day.
As it was a Hostel there were lots of tourists from Canada Alaska Germany Spain.
So we had good conversations. Lots of questions about our trip, Lee from Alberta almost joined us as this is one of his dreams. We also found a store with good cold cuts and German sausage, so we stocked up. The hardest thing to find is vegetables, lots of fruit everywhere but no vegetables. Stopped for gas and again the attendants asked to see the inside of the Blue Wonder, it was the first time that thy saw a camper from the inside. In the parking of the church a young man came over to take pictures of the Van, he spent 6 months in Manitoba as an exchange student and dreams of going back, his parents were so proud when thy heard him speak english. 
Today we drove to Zipaquira and toured the Cathedral de Sal. It is a salt mine and in the tunnels is a church, it was a 2 hour tour.  We got back on the road quite late so had to look for parking fast as it was getting dark. We are now parked behind a restaurant, nice and private, only payment required is a tour of the Blue Wonder.
We keep marvelling at the beautiful countryside.
Hug to all and thank you for your mail.
Norbert and Greti
all work stops when thy see the Canadian Flag.

we had a nice chat about our travels and questions about Canada

Open house for gas station attendants

no words needed

Lunch Break

Wonderful alpine meadows
The camping fee was a tour of the camper.

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