Sunday, February 16, 2014

We drove from Cuenca to Valle Dolid and from there to the border crossing Ecuador/Peru.
The drive over the mountains was hairy, as there was a lot of landslides and also road construction. Too bad that there are no advisories or warnings, all of a sudden you are in a lineup or axle deep in mud.  There were a few times where I held my breath, but Norbert did not have to get the chains out. We had to wash the Van before crossing the border as we were warned that we could not cross with a muddy car. We got our exit visa in 5 minutes, returned the car papers and were in Peru. Norbert helped the custom officer do the computer work, was done in 30 min.
Then we did our visa and nobody looked if the car had mud on it. It seems that border crossing from here on will be easier. Well we got though the border with a clean Van and were assured that in Peru the  road is paved.  It was paved for about 15 km. then back to construction and wash outs and the Blue Wonder is full of mud again. 
If Colombia was very friendly, Ecuador a little less, Peru even less. When asking for directions we get strange looks and have to ask a few time before getting an answer. The villages are poorer and have no churches or very poor churches. We see a lot of emaciated dogs and poorly treated animals.  Today Feb. 15th. We visited the ruins of Kuelap. Thy are only rivalled by  Matchu Pitchu and some dear say thy are better. Thy were very mice and the drive up was again spectacular and in places hairy. Met young ladies from Germany, England, USA and Belgium, thy are working here for 6 months helping to set up internet for tourism and teaching english and German.  The guide did not speak english so Norbert had to translate in to german and english. Local women do knit and spin wool, I went over and talked to some knitting ladies, and showed then my knitting, thy fell in love with my round needle and wanted to buy it from me. I ended up gifting them to one of them and the wool to the other.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti 

PS. Thank you all for the birthday wishes, finally WiFi.
 Sorry no current pictures very slow internet.


  1. Thank God you are there, safe and happy just to enjoy your big day baby .......!!!
    It is always a chance to be without internet but we do not know here and the anxiety was increasing by hour........, now I can relax and just thinking about you both and also your muddy but happy birthday there
    I hope you did not forget about the three wishes before blowing out the candles, whichever one you have as part of your amazing adventure
    A huge especial hug for the lady and a big kiss for both of you

  2. Hope you got my text-message. If not....Happy Birthday to you dear Greti !!
    Greetings from Freddy & Rita too and the whole family. Rita

  3. Greti, van harte gefeliciteerd. Hoop je hebt een fijne verjaardag gehad zo ver van huis. We hebben er al eentje op jou gedronken en stilletjes voor je gezongen.
    Blijf gezond. Walter en Tiny