Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feb. 17

February 17
From Chachapoyas we drove to Leimebamba were we spent the nite parked in the town square, a bit noisy. Next day we drove to Celedin a distance of 150 km. and it took us 8 hours. The route is over 3 mountain passes and is one single lane, tons of hairpin turns. I could not believe that there was two way traffic. To top it off there were signs saying " slow traffic keep right." A few times we had to back up. Then a truck with passengers passed us and he went like the devil, so Norbert stuck to his tail and we felt quite safe and made good progress. Along the way he stopped to pick up passengers and motioned for us to pass but Norbert told him he liked to follow him as his horn was a lot louder than ours and his bumper bigger and stronger. There were a few times were opposite traffic had to back up quite a way, but it was all done with smiles and jokes and without complaining. Wile looking for a parking spot in Celedin, the police escorted us to a parkero but the entrance was too low so we got an escort to another one were we did fit. So far the police here in Peru and for that matter in all the south american countries we have passed so far have been great and very helpful and always have a big smile for us. In Leimebamba the police were in a meeting and when I asked the young officer were to park, the whole detachment came out to guide us to a parking spot. We hope our good luck with police will continue. We are now in Cajamarca, again at a parkero right in the centre of  the historical town and within walking distance of everything. Today we did get propane, (we were out for the last 4 days) so now we can make our morning coffee, for the last 4 days Monica made our coffee and also boiled our eggs. There are lots of Propane stations but none had the fitting we needed. Also got the Peruvian SOAT insurance for one month at $15.00.
We are hesitating to go to the coast as it is nice and cool here in the mountains.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti

It is a pass

He had to back up quite a way.

Going to market

after a 15 minute shower the roads turn in to rivers

do not ask about the smell

Knife and scissor sharpener

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  1. And all this time I have been thinking you were in South America and NOT in INDIA! Go up into Ladakh in the High Himalays in the Northernmost area (Jammu Kashmir) of India and see those roads .. one pass is 18,300 Feet Above Mean Sea Level. They suggest one take a certain medication to avoid (hopefully) altitude sickness! To negotiate the hairpins is about a ten times inch-forward .. inch-backward .. turn a tad .. inch-forward .. inch-backward .. turn another tad .. what an adventure you all are on! You never need to-do India my friends. You ARE doing it. Smiles .. Cap and Patti ..