Friday, February 7, 2014

Quito to Banos

Tungurahua Volcano

the dragon was watching our speed
We were able to climb up to the bell tower in the Basilica.

At this market you can find anything and if not you can have it made

We still had a nice day in Quito, first we went for the insurance, taxi ride $4.00 and Insurance for one month $ 3.56, what a deal. Did not take the Teleferico as it was raining and the mountaintop was in the clouds. Quito has the same as Mexico City that depending on the last digit of your license plate  you can not drive in the city from 7 am. until 9.30 am. and 4pm. to 6.30 pm. We still have not found a place to fill our Propane tank, so we are hoping to find one soon if not no coffee in the morning.
Drove to the Volcano Cocopaxi, the views were spectacular and surprising how high the potatoes are planted, also saw our first Lamas. We are now in Banos,took a hotel room as a shower is needed. We are at the foot of Tungurahua volcano and it is active, just as we drove up it let out a big belch and the whole valley is in a haze. hope it keeps quiet while we are here.
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti

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  1. What is it 'they say' .. "You get what you pay for." ?? Hum-m-m-m .. I wonder what actual insurance coverage you would get were you to actually need-to-use insurance that you paid $3.56 for one month? Just a rhetorical question mind you .. Smiles .. Cap friend of Clement and Patricia and Merlyn of France ..