Tuesday, February 25, 2014


We arrived in Huanchaco  at noon,   it is a little seaside town and very popular with surfers, so lots of young people from around the world here. Found a Motel with camping in the back, there were two campers from France, Monique and Pierre's daughter lives in North  Vancouver. Thy started their journey in Uruguay and are headed north. Did some laundry and shopping then went for a walk along the beach and who should we see parked right on the promenade? Manfred and Monika.
Turns out when we lost them their cooling fan belt had broken, lucky it was right next to a mechanical shop but it took 2 hours to repair. So now thy are parked next to us again. Also met Victor and Elvira from Ontario, thy are staying in the Motel here, and today thy took us to the local market and Elvira cooked us a very nice fish soup, and after lunch we took the chicken bus  in to Trujillo, what a ride. Trujillo has a very nice historical part of town and Victor and Elvira took us to see the sights. Norbert did get a part for the Blue Wonder just in case.

Trujillo to LaPampa
Visited the museum and ruins of Huacas de Moche. One of the best museums so fat. The ruins were very interesting as we had a very knowledgeable guide
We arrived in La Pampa ( 10 shacks along the road) and met Mari and Bernard from France in a huge home built camper on a mercedes truck, built like a fort. The 3 of us spent the nite in an empty lot and had a good nite. We all got bitten by no seeums or some kind of bug, Bernard Monika and Norbert have at least 50 bites on their legs. I wore long sleeves and pants and socks so I only got bitten on my hands.
This morning we started out at intervals, as it is a gravel road and no one wants to eat dust. We drove along the Rio Santa and through Canion De Pato. The cliffs and sheer granite walls are humbling and aw inspiring.   
Here you can see the force of nature. We drove through 38 tunnels of various lengths and one single lane all the way. I find it scary to enter a pitch black tunnel of single lane not knowing if at the same time a truck enters at the other end. The only warning is that you honk your horn before entering.
Half way through the tunnels we had a flat rear tire but that was fixed in 20 minutes. We did have to buy a new tire and lucky that in Caraz one store had the tire we needed. We are now in Huaraz in a public parking
Lot were we will spent the nite.
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti
Our new friends Victor and Elvira

Pierre and Monique fron France

Two families asking questions about our travels.

Makes you feel very small indeed.

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Here at least I can see that the tunnel in clear.

Hopefully no opposite traffic

the Blue Wonder is small.

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  1. MY GOODNESS .. in the last photo .. the Off-Yellow Colored Rig looks like an American Hum-Vee Tank-Style R.V.! Lordy Be .. what a monster that puppy is! HOW could it get up and how could it get down some of the roads you have been showing to us? YES Blue-Wonder IS small by comparrison. I love the metal tracks on the back of the white camper. My-Oh-My .. you are traveling in a world completely-new-to-me .. WHEW! Go-Get-Em! I HATE .. I absolutely HATE to even think of .. let alone actually doing it .. putting on tire-chains. Smiles from Cap and Patti ..