Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Feb. 5

February 4

We had a nice rest day in Otavalo, visited the town and the market, mostly indigenous people. Very shy but will sneak a look at Norbert, he sticks out above all.
We stayed at the Hostal La Luna, did laundry and took a taxi in to town. In the afternoon we went to a crater lake at 9000 feet was quite cold.we tried to get the mandatory insurance for the Van but can only get it in Iberra or Quito, so we did not want to drive back to Iberra and will get it in Quito.  We crossed the Equator today at noon and our GPS. read N 00'000 W 78'10.30.1
. that will not happen too often. Had a nice drive to Quito but when we got close to town traffic is total chaos, hired a taxi to guide us to the hostal. When we got there it was full, so we stated looking for a spot for the camper.
One parking lot wanted $80.00 per nite, we are now parked for $20.00 per nite in the new part of town. Went to visit the historical sector, very impressive 7 churches within 4 blocks. I have seen a lot of churches in a lot of countries but the church here floored me. There is so much gold, it is obscene.  The craftsmanship is fantastic, two of the churches took 160 years to complete. Tomorrow we will take the Teleferico and visit some museums. But first we will try to get the Insurance.
Hugs to all.
Norbert and Greti 
Sorry for the small pictures and no descriptions, I had to send it from my ipad and could not work it.

Painting outside church in Otavalo

Finally found a market wih frsh vegetavled.

Lago Mojanda
Our camping spot in Otavalo


Blue Wonder can not hide

Hostal La Luna
A delicacy in South America 

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  1. YOU DID IT !!!
    Now you can say that you are right on the centre of the world without any doubt .....
    Did you find any vegetables or still only but so tempted fruits ?
    The rugs or , for me, tapetes, are wonderful ...........I will like to ask for a few if you will be driving back ...........probably I should go there to get mine , don't you think ?
    Great to know that you are still having and enjoying an amazing race
    Keep going and posting ........I love to travel with you both
    Hasta el proximo