Friday, February 7, 2014


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Some sections we had to krawl
Rural Ecuador

Will we make it?

Yes we did eat, she was so nice we could not pass her by, and did not get sick.

The power of water
We are still in Banos.
 Today we drove the route of the waterfalls, it is a stretch of 30 km. and there are 7 waterfalls and also thermal baths. Hiked down in to the valley and up to the top of the falls. The specialty of this area is trout so we had a very good lunch of barbecued trout. Some stretches of the road were very narrow and we had to pass under the fall. This afternoon the Volcano gave us a show and as we had clear sky's the spewing was impressive and I am glad that we will travel on tomorrow.
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti.


  1. I get annoyed at lurkers on my blog, so I have to come out and tell you how much I'm appreciating yours from the Camino until now and more. The Camino is in our plans for next year, but this adventure, I'll do vicariously through you two.
    Bev's friend from knitting night,

  2. For sure you both will !!!!............It is my answer to any of your question (just in case that you will need to ask again )
    I have to confess that looking all the pictures today came to my mind the time that we were together somewhere in Colorado , probably Zion park (you both giving me the courage to keep going , me on the other side , frightened by how high we were) thank you very much for teaching me how to cross the line. I can proudly say that if I were there , now, with you, for sure I can walk beside you without any fear