Saturday, May 18, 2013


Hallelujah I have my luggage.
As my luggage had not arrived after 3 days I decided to go back to Brussels  airport and see if they would let me in to where all the luggage was stored  and pick mine out. After a lot of begging they let me in escorted by security personnel.
What a shock, there were about  50,000 pieces of luggage in three big halls. The smell was horrible like a lot of rotten food. I found my suitcase in 5 minutes but my backpack was nowhere to be found, lucky I had my iPad with me and could show them what the backpack looks like, but no luck of finding it. After half an hour I was told to go home and wait and that it could take weeks to get it all sorted out. Well the tears started to flow, and the gentlemen felt very uncomfortable  with that bawling Granny in front of them and off they went to look again and in 20  minutes came back with my pack. I could see the relieve in their faces to be rid of me, but not to compare with my relieve to have my trusted pack. My suitcase must have been sitting in the rain as all the contents was soaking wet, but it is now washed and ironed and repacked, so all is well.
Today I travel to Terneuzen where we have a mini family reunion.
I am very thankful that all is on track.


  1. Congratulations

  2. So glad to hear you got your suitcase and backpack!

  3. Good for you. I could just imagine how frustrated and angry you must have felt. I would have been in tears too.

  4. Glad to hear you got your luggage! Say hi to everyone at the reunion for me.
    Love, Taylor

  5. Well........, acording what I was feeling and thinking.........If you found the luggage and the "backpack"... it was and it is because you have to start "El Camino" right on time.......So.....deep breath, sleep a lot and..... go for it !!!!

  6. Hi Greti,
    wollten dich noch verabschieden...hatten aber wieder mal kein WiFi. Wir sind inzwischen in Wyoming angekommen und das schlechte Wetter hat uns eingeholt.
    Wollte dir unsere guten Wünsche mit auf den Weg geben und dann lese ich das hier ?? Wow what a nightmare, aber gsd gut ausgegangen. Frauentränen sind doch manchmal zu etwas gut. Eine gute Zeit...wir bleiben am Ball und drücken dir alle verfügbaren Daumen.
    Rita, Günter, Edith und Jochen

  7. Hello my friend!

    Marco and I are just getting up to speed with your blog as we were in Kelowna on the weekend. Both of us are very happy you got your luggage and I am glad they let you look, then looked again for you. Chalk this up to just one of many adventures you will have. Hopefully the rest won't be as stressful of course! :) Looking forward to reading more.

    Peace out.

  8. Congratulations Greti, not only the tears but a very determined women, so happy that you retrieved your suitcase & backpack. Onward and upward.
    Bob & Jomi