Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 6

From Estella to Los Arcos.
Last nite we had a wonderful dinner but here in Spain dinner starts at 9.0pm. So to bed late.
Martha got up with a cold and headache and Karli's knee did not improve so we decided to send Martha and their  backpacks ahead to the next stop with a taxi we had reserved a room in the albergue
Austria, normally you can not reserve but we got it done.

Karli walked with me and I went in full gear. It did not rain since I donned my bright green rainpants which go well with my red jacket. And sure enough someone commented that I looked like a christmas tree. Well I am not making a fashion statement.
Today I walked 21.1 km. non stop and I feel fine. Met the gentelman in sandals again and talked to him, he spoke to us in german but with an accent turns out he is from Paris. Again he was walking very slow but arrived only one hour after us. The hostel is full and run by a family from Argentina.
Los Arcos is a wonderful village and again the church is incredible, it should be in a big city where more people would see it.
We are sleeping 4 to a room, a german lady had her bunk in a room of 15 american men and was very upset that there was no other bed available, so we offerd her a bed in our room, she is now a happy pilgrim. Quite a few people took the bus from Estella to here,


  1. Funny story, this post makes me smile. I think you are more like a christmas present instead of a tree :) Everbody knows a Canadian wears comfortable clothes when hiking not fashionable. Big hugs Lianne

  2. Enjoying your blog very much!!!!!

    Happy Walking - Bev