Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Arrived in Brussels on time, had a very good flight, big surprise in Brussels, the luggage handlers here are on strike and no one got his luggage, and no delivery date, I was informed that it could take a week, they are on strike since Monday and I am not happy with Air Canada that they did not inform us of the problem and took our luggage knowing very well that we would have a big problem here. So I am without clothing but my biggest worry is my backpack, so fingers crossed that I get it on time.
Greetings from hopeful Greti


  1. OK them, fingers crossed here
    You really look great , healthy and beautiful , as usual

  2. Hallo Greti,
    Eindelijk is het me gelukt.
    Wat jammer van de koffers he, maar hoop doet leven,misschien komt de koffer nog op tijd.
    Kan je eerst een beetje genieten van je familie.
    Lieve zus ik ga werken.
    Veel liefs, en groeten aan Sep.

  3. Keep our fingers crossed for you!! Have a great time, even without your Luggage right now.

  4. Hi Greti,
    Looks like you flew first class. Love the way you look so organized in the airport photo. Hope you have your luggage by now. Hugs

  5. On to plan "B".
    Bob & Jomi