Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 4

We left Pamplona at 7:0 am. with frost on the ground but sunny. The walk through the city was better than expected. Our route took us throug some very nice country with lots of wheat fields and wildeflowers. Went up to Alto del Perdon " hight of parden". til Puente de Raina. Total walking 26 km. we have a nice room for 3 in a very good hostel. Tomorrow we will walk to Estelle  21 km. and the forecast say's rain. We will see.
I have now 2 blisters so am nursing my feet, it is sunday and a lot of bustours with people walking for one day which makes the camino very crowded.
Hugs to you all and thank you for the comments, first thing we do when we get connected. Is look for comments.


  1. Hi Greti, Marta and Karlie!

    Another day done! Wonderful! I hope the blisters heal quickly!

    Happy Walking!!!!!!!!


  2. Het gaat lekker zo! Ik hoop dat jullie nog veel droge dagen krijgen.
    Liefs Harold

  3. Gelukkig beter weer. De foto s zijn erg mooi. Keep up the gooed work.
    Gr. Tiny

  4. Sorry to be late.........
    Crossing finger here to help the weather keep your walk under sunny Skype ...
    Amazing that you are totally into keeping up your pace........CONGRATULATIONS !!!!
    Thanks again for the pictures allow me to be closer and closer.........
    big hug

  5. The weather looks beautiful, the sky is a gorgeous blue. Nice to see you are having some nice weather.


  6. Please take care with those blisters, don't let them become infected. Can you take a day off on this trip to let them heal up a bit. You have great courage Greti, we are proud of you--take care.
    Bo & Jomi