Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 5

Today we walked from Puente la Reina to Estella 22.4 km.
We started walking at 7:0 am. and the only people on the road were pilgrims, we were surprised to see storks in their nests. Puente la Reina is a very old village and the church is impressive. Walking though these villages you get the feeling that you went back in time, to think that centuries back pilgrims walked the same path as we did today that puts you in a pensive mood,
We started out cloudy but after 30 minutes it started to rain very heavy and lasted till we reached Estella. We were soaked to the skin as rain gear was no match for this deluge. We checked in to a hotel so that we could dry our clothing and gear as all is muddy as well. What a luxury to take a hot shower and put on dry clothing.To think that Pilgrims of old times had no such perks. It is amazing to see the pilgrims, some of them you would never guess that they could do it, today we saw an older man limping in sandals though the mud and our feeling was that he would never make it to Estella, but lo and behold he arrived twenty minutes after us.  To top it off he was still very cheerful and friendly.   Tomorrow it is Karli's andLucas's birthday, Happy Birthday to you both.
Greetings from the Pilgrims


  1. The stork reminds me of Austria. Thinking earlier, the 3 of you are doing over a half marathon a day since you started your journey.

    Happy Walking! Happy Birthday Karlie!!!!!!


  2. You are walking every day the same km as I drive to work. Just can't imagine to walk it once and you are doing it for days. Wow.

  3. I am just keeping my self following you like I am watching the movie with different peoples on the screen ....., and , once again , what you are doing is incredible amazing
    Happy birthday to Karlie......
    We are here having a great 33 birthday with Jimena
    Talking about the old man wearing sandals ....It is an option to keep on mind , don't you think ?

  4. Just to let you know that the Fraser Valley is one of the coldest and wettest parts of B.C. right now. Highs of 15C and poured rain all day today (27 May). Just like the Camino trail. I love the stone bridge.
    Bob & Jomi

  5. Hi Greti,
    wir sind inzwischen in Fort Langley angekommen und auch hier regnet es ohne Unterlass. Total klasse dass ich parallel das Buch von HAPE lese, ich kann richtig nachempfinden wie es euch geht. Positive Gedanken wünsche ich Euch.
    Bis bald wieder..Rita und Guenter

  6. My comments never show up..?...I'll try again.
    We are all very proud of you. Such an adventure!
    And great job blogging too, it's like we are on the path with you!
    Chantal and the gang

  7. Yay!! it worked!