Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 3

We left Zubiri at 7:30 am. Again in pouring rain and wind, had to cross two hills where the wind almost blew us off. Made it in to Pamplona at 2:0 pm. And sunshine but cold and windy. Walked 26 km. today. Went out for tapas and now some rest. Tomorrow we hope  to  make it to Puente. de la Raina, again about 26 km.  Our calf's  are sore but thankfully no blisters, some people have twisted ankles from sliding in the mud, good equipment is essential on the Camino. People are confused as to where we are from sometime they hear us speak Dutch then German then some english and to top it off Spanish,

without fail they will ask where we are from.
Big hug fron the Grateful Pilgrim and hope for a little sunshine tomorrow.


  1. The 3 of you are a MYSTERY! I hope the weather will improve! Take care and HAPPY walking!!!


  2. Ha, ha Bev......I hope the weather improves for you Greti. I am enjoying your trek through the pictures and narrative. Take good care of yourself and look forward to the next installment.


    1. Thank you Marlie for your encouragement, we are enjoying it, hope all is well with you.

  3. Hallo Greti! Sounds like you are having yourself a real adventure! What an accomplishment...the distances you are covering are no small feat. After this you will be able to do the Grind in 30 minutes! Wishing you bluebird skies and sunshine! Cheers, Sonja

  4. I believe you are the one Greti, to encourage all of us with your adventure .
    So proud !!!!

  5. Hi Greti,
    what an adventure und was ist mit dem Wetter in Europa los ?? Wir sitzen hier am schönen Lake Osoyoos in der Sonne, geniessen einen Aperol-Spritz am Ufer und freuen uns in Canada zu sein und bald im schönen Vancouver.
    Gutes Gelingen...........Rita

  6. Hope you are taking lots of pictures. Would like to watch your CD when this adventure is over.
    Bob & Jomi