Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 8

Walked from  Viana to Navarrete  21.5 km.
Started out this morning with a poor and tasteless breakfast but good humor and company.
It was raining again and ver cold plus windy so my new rain cape worked very well as it it a windbreaker as well. Stopped in  Logrono and had a very nice breakfast with cafe con leche, croissant  
and orange juice,  that warmed us up and gave us energy to push on.
Oh ja,  I forgot to tell you that Karli and Martha are with me today, they could not leave as there is a general strike in Spain, lucky me, but we will book a bus for tomorrow morning as the strike is only one day. It was a long walk through the city with industry before and after, and the Camino goes right through the center. There were less pilgrims on the road as most had walked 29.0 km. yesterday and walked  to Logronio  so now are one day ahead. We walked up a steep hill and at the top there was a man selling coffee, turns out he is unemployed and tries to make some money this way, the coffee was by donation. When he saw that I was from Canada he told me he had filled out his application to get a work permit as a welder in Alberta. We wished him luck. Before entering Navarrete there is a chain link fence and every pilgrim puts a cross with sticks on the fence, there was at least one kilometer of fence full of crosses, we refrained from the practice.
Got to the auberge at two pm. Had a hot shower and went out for garlic soup, now a nap and to rest my left ankle as it is quite sore and hot thank goodness for ibuprofen cream that helps if not I will take a rest day tomorrow 190 km. behind us
Again greetings from the 3 pilgrims.


  1. Looks like Quasimodo arrived in Spain... with a red rain coat! INow I understand you didn't meet so many travelers today! Grapje, tia!
    Elfi and I sitting here, explaining her how she should post comments.
    Wish you good luck and buen viaje fot all three of you!
    Kisses and hugs, Lisbeth and Elfi.

    1. Hey Greti, I love your new rain cape. You will find good use for it in Vancouver. It's been raining cats and dogs here non-stop for the past 2 weeks. Have been checking your blog everyday and absolutely love the pictures you are posting. If the walls of those old churches and old buildings could talk, they would tell amazing stories. I hope your ankle holds up. Keep posting those fabulous pictures.

  2. Hello Tante Grette! Norbert emailed me the link a couple of nights ago. Seems like despite rain and ankle you are having fun. Take care and say hi to uncle Karli and Martha! All the best!!


  3. Hello my friend!

    It seems as if you have had quite an adventure already - very exciting!! I love your new red cape! So glad to hear it offers you more protection from the rain and wind. I love that you are not stopped by the weather conditions. Some may have been discouraged, but you continue on with good spirits. You are inspirational!

    The photographs are wonderful, when I heard that there was walking through towns, I thought it would be walking through cities like Vancouver or something. Shows what I know ha ha! The architecture is so beautiful. What history!

    Have you continued to see the fellow in the sandals? Why is he in sandals??

    Peace out

  4. Lucky you. A famous Dutch soccer player has said every disadvantage has his advantage.Due to the strike you could enjoye one more day with Karli and Martha. Keep your spirit and give yourself a break for a day so your ankle can recover and you are able to continue your adventure. Hugs Rob, Lianne and Nick.