Friday, May 24, 2013

Day one

Well my dear friends today I attoned for all my sins, what a day.
We arrived in St. Jean  Peid de Port on may 22nd. at noon and. Got a hostel before the big rush.
The innkeeper is 80 years old and the amenities were primitive, I was so happy with my sleeping bag as it was very cold and raining heavy.
Left St. Jean at 6:30 am. And walked 28 km. to Roncevalle in the pouring rain. We could not go over the mountains as there was snow and thunderstorms expected so we took the long way. We did not expect such an ardeous climb. Arrived in Roncevalle at 2;30 and booked in to a hotel, we were frozen and needed to warm up in a hurry and dry our clothes. Had a very good late lunsh and got our passport stamped and now it is time for a nap. Wifi is very slow here so I hope  I can send this. I think Martha and Karli are sleeping.
Big hug to all from the 3 pilgrims


  1. Sorry the weather is not co-operating, but what an adventure.

  2. The first of many stamps that are going to be witness of your unforgettable and incredible way to show your gratitude
    I am so fortunate to have the chance to be part of that.