Monday, February 2, 2015

 San Francisco Do Sul has many historic buildings, with narrow streets and no place to as we walked the town we fount a place were thy were renovating a house that has a very big, fenced in parking at the front. So Norbert asked the workers if we could park there for the night, and no problem, we could stay for as long as we wanted for free. Lady luck sure shines on us, thank you. 
We are now in Curitiba with secure parking of a Hotel were we pay 30 Reales ($6.00) for 24 hours and can sleep in the Van. We are one block away from the International bus and train station and all shopping, in the centre of town. We booked a night bus to Foz Du Iguaçu and from  there took  a local bus to Porto Iguazu in Argentina and visited the Falls on the Argentinian side and stayed in a hotel there. Next morning per Taxi to the falls on the Brazil side. There is always the question which side do you like better, my honest answer is thy are both awesome. The brazil side was very crowded but we did get to all the important spots. Took the night bus back to Curitiba and arrived at 5:30 am. The

our new friends in Blumenau, thank you Charles for you help with my email.

San Fransico do Sul

Our private camping spot in San Francisco do Sul
night busses are semi sleeper, and you can stretch out well to sleep. I have to mention that the public toilets in Brazil are the best so far on our whole trip, very clean with toilet paper and soap dispenser and paper towel and no smell.
If one judges a country by its very friendly people, super clean washrooms, fantastic beaches, interesting history and natural beauty, then Brazil is high on the list. 
Hugs to all
Norbert and Greti
PS. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes for Norbert.

Just added some extra pictured to catch up.

Beach in Florianapoles, old and new.

Tourist office in Joinville, very helpful staff.
The bananas are so heavy that thy keel over,

Curitiba, again Norbert gets asked how he drove from Canada to Brazil.

Garganta del Diablo, Devil's throat. Iguazu Falls

Yes it was crowded but still impressive

old town Curitiba


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Which bus to take?
Interesting bus system, you pay at the entrance of the tube to get on the bus.

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  1. amazing pictures of the waterfall! You are living the dream, you and Norbert! Blessings as you continue your journey.