Saturday, January 31, 2015

After we had a good time in Torres with Carlos and friends we drove via Caxias Do Sul to Lages and from there to Urubici  to a place in the mountains which was recommended by our friends Andi and Ellen. Thy told us that when you arrive at Jordan's house it is like stepping in to Eden.
The road up was dirt and got smaller as we went up.
Well, Andi did not exaggerate, what a wonderful place, Jordan was not home but Walter his neighbour let us on to the property. We have seen many beautiful places on our travels, but this tops it all. The pictures can not do it justice, and to top it off there was good WiFi. and we spent a very nice evening with Walter. As I was preparing dinner a voice in American english asked surprised " did you really drive all the way from Vancouver to here?" With me understanding very little of Portuguese, it was nice to hear a language I know. 
Today the 24th. We traveled on to Blumenau. We almost feel as if we are in Germany. German people started to emigrate here in the mid 1800 and many more came after the two world wars.
Even 3rd, and 4th. Generations still speak fluent german. Houses are also in the german style and restaurants serve german food and the beer is supposed to be very good. We found a parking/camping close to the town centre. Walked in to town and did some shopping and walked back in 40 degrees heath.   
Marilyn, the owner who speaks german, took the afternoon off and showed us the town and surroundings and drove us to Neuvo Russia in the hills where we cooled off in the river. 
Our friend Alejandro who is at the moment in Mexico has our spot (personal GPS  tracker)
And as we were parked across the street from the military police which he could see, we got an email this morning saying " you have been parked in the police compound for 3 days, are you OK? Email me right away". Thank you Alejandro, it is nice to know that you keep an eye on us.
Today the 28 we left Blumenau and are now in Sao Francisco do Sul.
Hugs to all. PS  more pictures with description to follow when better internet.
Norbert and Greti
Beach at Florianapoles

Colonial mansions in Navigantes

This kind gentleman noticed that we were lost in Caxias do Sul and went out of his way to show us the
Casas de Piedra.

You notice we drove the wine region of Ruta du Sol

This is the place Andi and Ellen described as Eden, Very close

View from the top

Many Churches along the way but some stand out.


  1. Fijn om jullie weer te horen(lezen). Alles ok tot nu toe bij ons. Walter moest voor Rz van Willem Blommaart met spullen voor een beurs naar Carrara Italië, dus we maken er een leuke week van . Zijn over de Mont Blanc naar Italië gereden en zijn nu hier in een hotel en hebben vanaf woensdag een paar dagen vrij. We hopen naar Florence te gaan. Schijnt een prachtige stad te zijn en niet te ver weg.

  2. Hallo Norbert,
    nachträglich alles GUTE zu deinem GEBURTSTAG wünscht dir ganze Clan aus Neckarweihingen und Murr...........hoffe du hattest einen tollen Tag.

  3. Fijn Tini dat je op rijs bent, geniet er van.
    Danke Neckarweihingen Clan u d Murr, schön von Euch einen bericht zu bekommen.
    Norbert und Greti