Saturday, February 7, 2015

Drove from Curitiba to Paranagua, did not stay long as it is a main shipping port and busy and smelly. Then went to Morretes,where we found a nice spot along the river and decided to call it a day as it is very hot and humid. What a lovely town with lots of cobblestone streets and historical buildings. Met Marcia who lived in Florida USA for 15 years and spoke fluent english. She had seen our camper parked in Paranagua where she works and was surprised to see it parked close to her house. She invited us to her house to use WiFi and we had a nice visit. That nite was a heavy rainstorm, next morning the river had doubled in size. The flora and fauna is   incredible, here in Brazil everything grows and it grows on everything.
Our next stop was Itanhaem where we camped at Camping Club Brazil. It was cloudy and the beach empty. Today we had heavy rain all day, heavy traffic and again flooded roads.
Took the ferry to  Bertioga, only a 15 minute crossing. Everyone on the ferry came over to talk to us and take pictures, Bruna, a university student spoke very well english, and did some translating for me. All wanted to see the camper inside. Even met an exchange student from New Brunswick, she also was surprised to see a BC plate and the Canada flag.
Now we are parked at a Shell station across from a food fair where you can get all kinds of food from different parts of the world.
Marcos saw our camper and came over to talk to us, he had spent 3 years in Australia and is fluent in english. He and Precillia have a crepe stand at the fair. For tomorrow we are invited to his home and he will take us to see the special places there. Again but not surprising anymore, how open and friendly people are.
Hugs to all. PS Pictures to follow when better WiFi
Norbert and Greti 


  1. Hello Greti.. I'm Bruna, remember me? Was a pleasure talk with you. Your blog is so incredible. Congratulations! You're an example of determination. Kisses.. bye bye!

  2. Hi Bruna. Pleasesend me your email, so wecan stay intoch. Weare still having a fantastictime and arenow in Triadentes what a wonderful place.